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Material component

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Material components are one or more physical substances or objects that are annihilated by the spell energies in the casting process. In DDO, all the spells of the same level and class which require a material component use the same item. Those items are sold by reagent vendors around Stormreach. They stack together up to 1000, so a typical spellcaster will keep hundreds of components at hand for each of the spell levels he can cast.

Some spells require special or different components, they are;

This is a purchased component, not a randomly-occurring gem.

Casting without components[edit]

  • Eschew Materials is a metamagic feat which allows you to cast without the normal material components. It does not cover special components. Spells cost an extra 2 spell points to cast.
  • Harper Agent enhancements offer a tier 4 ability that grants similar effect to Eschew Materials, but without extra spell point cost.
  • Draconic Incarnation: Core abilities Draconic Heritage and Draconic Heritage II eliminate the need for standard components and special ones, respectively.
  • Fatesinger: You may expend a Song to activate Harmonic Resonance. If you do so, your voice thrums with magic, and you no longer require material components to cast spells.
  • DDO Store offers universal material components Omnispell Dust, which substitutes for all standard components; and Omnispell Stone which substitutes for most special ones.

Overview of components[edit]

Material Components
Spell Level Sorcerer/Warlock/Wizard Bard Cleric/Favored Soul Artificer Druid Base Cost (per 10)
1 Pinch of Fine Sand Pork Rind Small Candle Scrap Metal from a Forge Freshly Picked Berries 5sp
2 Eyelash in Gum Arabic Bit of Bone Pinch of Bull Dung Two-Headed Coins Small Thorn 2gp
3 Ball of Bat Guano and Sulfur Licorice Root Hollow Reed Pinches of Powdered Adamantine Claw of a Bird of Prey 5gp
4 Heart of a Hen Small Hard Rod Diamond Dust Pieces of War Machines Dried Black Rose 1pp
5 Crystal Cone Drop of Sweet Oil Mushroom Powder and Saffron Globs of Elemental Grease Porcupine Quill 3pp
6 Crushed Black Pearl Tuning Fork Mercury and Phosphorous Crystallized Residuum Live Caterpillar 10pp
7 Powdered Ruby - Sprinkle of Holy Water and Diamonds - Twig of Ancient Oak 30pp
8 Bit of Sunstone - Piece of Holy Parchment - Tiny Golden Sickle 50pp
9 Snakeskin Glove - Sacred Relic - Sprig of Sacred Mistletoe 100pp

Material Components
Spell Level Paladin Ranger Base Cost (per 10)
1 Powdered Silver Chameleon Tail 5gp
2 Eagle Feather Cat Hair 1pp
3 Phial of Holy Water Unicorn Tail Hair 3pp
4 Consecrated Gem Dust Nymph Tear 10pp