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Item:Commendation of Valor

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Commendation of Valor[edit]

Commendation of Valor

Drop locations[edit]


Double clicking a Commendation of Valor brings up a Barter UI with the following options:

Item Bind Amount required
Potion of Insightful Ability (+2) Bound to Account 40
Potion of Spellpower (+25) Bound to Account 35
Potion of Prowess (+2) Bound to Account 35
Iconic True Heart of Wood Bound to Account 4200
Epic Heart of Wood Bound to Account 4200
Heart Seed Bound to Account 100

As of Update 20 Patch 1, Heart Seed option has been implemented. 42 of these can be traded in for Iconic or Epic Heart of Wood. As Heart Seeds are Bound to Account, not Character, players with Account Storage are now able to accumulate their Heart Seeds account-wide towards a Heart for the character they want. See DDO Forums CoV Dev Update.


CoV are also used as an ingredient to create Thunder-Forged and Legendary Green Steel items.

Amount per quest level and difficulty[edit]

The amount of CoV rewarded upon completion depend on the quest level (modified by the choice of difficulty) and the difficulty the quest was run on. The amount is given by

  • Multiplier*(QuestLevel - 17)
  • Multiplier is 2 for Epic Normal, 3 for Epic Hard and 5 for Epic Elite.
Epic Normal Epic Hard Epic Elite
Reward Modified
Reward Modified
20 6 21 12 22 25
21 8 22 15 23 30
22 10 23 18 24 35
23 12 24 21 25 40
24 14 25 24 26 45
25 16 26 27 27 50
26 18 27 30 28 55
27 20 28 33 29 60
28 22 29 36 30 65
29 24 30 39 31 70
30 26 31 42 32 75

The graph below shows the amount of commendations of Valor given based on base quest level. It is also valid for raids that can be run on epic difficulty.


As of Update 21, The XP bonus found on Experience Elixirs, VIP bonuses, Guild Airship amenities and items now also increases the Commendation of Valor return found in End Reward lists. These bonuses are calculated individually. Please see Commendation of Valor XP Bonus Gains for more details. Tomes of Learning do not provide a boost to CoV rewards.

Bonus Days and server-side parameter[edit]

DDO Bonus Days event can increase the amount given per a reward list. This means that above number is not hard-coded and can be changed by server-side parameter.

As of Update 21.1.1, 100 CoV limit on reward list has been removed and it should now return the calculated amount of CoV (DDO Forums).


Claimed Commendations of Valor do not automatically stack with other commendations in the inventory and aren't auto-gathered by ingredients bags. Be wary of this when collecting large numbers, as they can quickly occupy large backpack spaces.

They can be manually stacked; the Maximum Commendation stack size is 99,999 for one inventory slot.

See also[edit]

For more information: Commendation of Valor XP Bonus Gains has a detailed explanation of how your reward is calculated.