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Bags allow you to store many of the same type of item without cluttering up your inventory space.

You can only have one of each type of exclusive bag in your inventory. These include small and medium bags, but can have any number of large bags of the same type in your inventory. This restriction does not apply to the character bank and account-wide shared bank.

Medium and Large bags are not bound unless they contain an item that is bound. You may want to keep 2 bags on-hand, one for bound items and one for non-bound (so you can trade the non-bound bag between characters). The bag shows as Bound (to Character or Account, as appropriate) until the bound items within it are removed.

Note that bags purchased from the DDO Store are Bound to CharacterIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character: This item is Bound to Character but not Exclusive, so you can carry a DDO Store medium bag and a normal medium bag in your inventory at the same time. These bags used to be Bound to Account, so some may have the old version. All bags currently for sale on the DDO Store are Bound to Character now.

Bag Contents Stack Size Unique Items In-game Source
Small Augment Bag Augments 100 15 120 Keepers of the Feather Favor
Medium Augment Bag Augments 100 25 none
Large Augment Bag Augments 100 50 none
Huge Augment Bag Augments 100 100 none
Gargantuan Augment Bag Augments 100 175 none
Colossal Augment Bag Augments 100 350 none
Dimensional Augment Bag Augments 100 500 none
Small Collectables Bag Collectibles 1000 12 NPC Baudry Cartamon in The Harbor
Medium Collectables Bag Collectibles 1000 30 House P or J vendor
Large Collectables Bag Collectibles 1000 80 Planar Shards, very rare chests, end rewards and breakable drop
Huge Collectables Bag Collectibles 1000 200 none
Small Gem Bag Gems 1000 6 NPC Fitzpat the Fence in The Harbor
Medium Gem Bag Gems 1000 12 House P or J vendor
Large Gem Bag Gems 1000 30 Planar Shards or Chests
Huge Gem Bag Gems 1000 90 none
Tiny Ingredients Bag Ingredients 1000 12 NPC in Harbor, Marketplace, or Crafting Hall
Small Ingredients Bag Ingredients 1000 30 NPC Jeanselme in The Twelve, or House P or J vendor
Medium Ingredients Bag Ingredients 2500 45 none
Large Ingredients Bag Ingredients 2500 80 Planar Shards, Chests, or The Twelve Favor
Extra Large Ingredients Bag Ingredients 5000 150 none
Huge Ingredients Bag Ingredients 5000 250 none
Gargantuan Ingredients Bag Ingredients 10000 500 none
Colossal Ingredients Bag Ingredients 10000 1000 none
Small Soul Bag Soul Gems 100 20 Crafting Hall, Twelve, Portable Hole, or Amrath vendor
Medium Soul Bag Soul Gems 100 40 Shroud part 3 vendor or any Crafting Hall vendor
See also: DDO Store: Storage Bags for cost and quantities.

Gem bags and Soul (Gem) bags appear identical in color (both the same color blue), but are distinctly different in function.

Augment Bags[edit]

These bags store various Augment gems that you can find in chests, remove from items using a Jeweler's Tool Kit, or purchase from Collectable and other turn-in vendors and the DDO Store.

Update 37 introduced Filigrees (a special type of augment exclusive to Sentient Weapons) that store in Augment bags. (They are also listed in the auction house under augments)

Small Augment Bag[edit]

Medium Augment Bag[edit]

Large Augment Bag[edit]

Huge Augment Bag[edit]

Gargantuan Augment Bag[edit]

Colossal Augment Bag[edit]

Dimensional Augment Bag[edit]

Big bag

Collectables Bags[edit]

These bags store various collectibles that you can find amongst rubble, mushrooms, etc. as well as Eberron Dragonshards. You trade them into various NPC's in exchange for items. There are some collectibles that get used in Crafting, see Stone of Change - Recipes for more information. NOTE: There are over 100 unique collectibles that will fit in a collectibles bag, consider this when purchasing them.

Small Collectables Bag[edit]

Small Collectables Bag

Medium Collectables Bag[edit]

Medium Collectables Bag - The bag's weight is increased as it has collectables stored in it

Large Collectables Bag[edit]

  • * Since these bags are not bound, they may also be found on the Auction House.

Huge Collectables Bag[edit]

Gem Bags[edit]

Gem Bags store Gems that can be found amongst breakables, chest loot, and even embedded in walls. They can be sold to vendors, but currently serve no other purpose.

There are 48 gem types that fit in Gem Bags, so you could collect up to 1000 of each type on a single character holding a Small Gem Bag, a Medium Gem Bag, and a Large Gem Bag; or, a single Huge Gem Bag.

Small Gem Bag[edit]

Small Gem Bag
  • Unique Item Capacity: 6
  • Stack Size: 1,000
  • Acquired from:
    • Given Free by an NPC, Fitzpat the Fence, in Stormreach Harbor. Exclusive, you can carry a DDO Store small bag and a normal small bag in your inventory at the same time. If you already have a Gem Bag of any size with you when you talk to Fitzpat the Fence, you will not receive the free one. If you won't take your bag before first time completing the quest given by the NPC, you will not be able to try that option again.
    • DDO Store, Bound to Character on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire

Medium Gem Bag[edit]

Medium Gem Bag

Large Gem Bag[edit]

Huge Gem Bag[edit]

Ingredients Bags[edit]

Ingredients Bags store ingredients that you use for Green Steel crafting that you gain from The Shroud, Cannith Crafting ingredients like Crafting Essences, Shards and Crafting reagents, Khyber Dragonshard Fragments, Siberys Dragonshard Fragments, Scarabs, trap making parts for Rogues, Epic Shards - Seals - Scrolls, Tokens of the Twelve and their fragments and other assorted crafting related items.

Tiny Ingredients Bag[edit]

  • Unique Item Capacity: 12
  • Stack Size: 1,000
  • Acquired from:
    • Update 10.1: Given free by Fabricators Guild representatives Maker in the Crafting Hall, Felix d'Cannith in The Harbor, or Vertigo in The Marketplace. If you have already received one, they will not give you a new one unless you have trashed your first one. Update 10.1 changed all Tiny Ingredients Bags to non-Exclusive, so you can now carry more than one. If you had one before Update 10.1, you can collect a 2nd one from a Fabricators Guild representative. You may also be able to get another one after a True Reincarnation.

Small Ingredients Bag[edit]

Small Ingredients Bag

Medium Ingredients Bag[edit]

Large Ingredients Bag[edit]

Extra Large Ingredients Bag[edit]

Huge Ingredients Bag[edit]

Gargantuan Ingredients Bag[edit]

Colossal Ingredients Bag[edit]

Soul Bags[edit]

Soul Bags store Soul Gems that are the result of successful use of the Trap the Soul spell or

itemIcon tooltip.png


Small Soul Bag[edit]

Medium Soul Bag[edit]

  • Unique Item Capacity: 40
  • Stack Size: 100
  • Acquired from: