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Click in the dotted square

The term "cosmetic" refers to only the appearance, not the function, of any item. A character can show or hide the appearance of the armor/robes, headware, goggles and cloak they are wearing. Named items have a fixed appearance, while randomly generated items will have an appearance assigned from a fixed pool of appearances (with some limitations).

To turn visibility on/off, open the Inventory screen, and click in the appropriate area - the head to cycle through helmet, goggles, both, or none, the body for armor/robe, and the knees for cloaks.

(Note that randomly generated cloaks that were looted previous to Update 40 (Oct 3, '18) will not have any cosmetic appearance attached to them, so will not be visible.)

There are also many items that are purely cosmetic, that can be placed in a "cosmetic slot" found in Inventory, below he above image, whose appearance will show regardless of what gear you are wearing. The appearance of these items can be turned on/off similarly to the above. These purely cosmetic items are expanded to include weapons.

Cosmetic appearances of Named Items[edit]

Armor Shields Orbs
Icon item armor cloth.png
Icon item armor light.png
Icon item armor medium.png
Icon item armor heavy.png
Icon item armor docent.png
Icon item shield buckler.png
Icon item shield small.png
Icon item shield large.png
Icon item shield tower.png
Icon item shield orb.png
Head Slot Back Slot
Icon item clothing helm.png
Icon item cosmetic helm.png
Cosmetic Hats
Icon item clothing goggles.png
Icon item clothing cloak.png
Icon ItemSlot Cosmetic Cloak.png
Cosmetic Cloaks
One-handed Style
Club Light hammer Light mace Heavy mace Morningstar War hammer Kama
Dagger Rapier Short sword Light pick Heavy pick Bastard sword Khopeshes
Kukri Sickle Long sword Scimitar Handaxe Battle axe Dwarven war axe
One-handed Style Throwing weapons
Throwing axe Throwing dagger Throwing hammer Dart Shuriken
Two-handed Style Great axe Style Quarterstaff Style
Great club Maul Falchion Great sword Great Axes Quarterstaffs
Crossbow Style Repeating Crossbow Style Bow Style
Heavy crossbow Light crossbow Great crossbow Repeating heavy crossbow Repeating light crossbow Long bow Short bow