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A wand is an item containing a number of charges of one spell. Characters can wield and use a wand to activate its spell without expending Spell Points or material components and even if they cannot cast that spell themselves.

Wands do not benefit from Metamagic feats or from the character's item properties, ability modifiers, and Enhancements that affect spells. On the other hand, they are not subject to Arcane Spell Failure, so they can be used freely while wearing any armor. There are also Enhancements that improve wand effects.

Each wand has a predefined caster level that is used to determine its spell's strength regardless of the character using it. Some wands occur in multiple versions with different caster levels. The stronger ones are, predictably, harder to use.

Using Wands[edit]

A character cannot use a wand unless one of the following conditions is met:

The character has at least one level of a class whose spell list contains the wand's spell, and his overall character level meets the wand's minimum level.

Note that the class level at which the character could cast the spell himself is not important. For example, a pure Paladin cannot cast Resist Energy until he is level 8, but he can use a Wand of Resist Energy at level 3 simply because the wand's minimum level is 3 and Resist Energy is a spell that Paladins can eventually get. In fact, even a multiclass character with one level of Paladin and two levels of Fighter could use that wand.

The character has a sufficiently high Use magic device skill.

This method may require a skill check and does not always offer a 100% chance of the wand working. One charge is used up whether it works or not.


Wands hold a maximum of 50 charges. Wands bought from vendors or offered as quest rewards come fully charged. Wands found as chest loot or gained from turning in collectables have only about 20-30 charges. Wands bought from other players might have any number of charges, so caveat emptor! Wands cannot be recharged and are destroyed when the last charge is used. If you have a wand tied to a hotkey which is destroyed in this way and an identical wand is in your inventory (the wand must cast the same spell and be of the same level), you will automatically equip that wand as a replacement, and the hotkey will continue to work.

List of Wands[edit]

  • Eternal wands are not destroyed when the last charge is used, recharge slowly over time, and recharge fully at every rest.
  • List of wands - More in depth list of all Wands from vendors/random loot.

Wand Vendor Locations[edit]