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Epic levels

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In DDO, characters can gain 20 class levels. These are called Heroic levels.

With the Menace of the Underdark expansion, characters can continue to accumulate experience points even after taking level 20, up to 30. Levels 21 and beyond are called Epic levels.

Update 29 introduced a third tier, Legendary, for levels 31+; however, this term applied only to game content (quests/adventure areas), not to player characters, until the Isle of Dread expansion increased the level cap to 32.

What are Epic levels?[edit]

Epic levels are a generic class in itself. You no longer gain Heroic levels in any class, but find a new class, "Epic," in your character sheet. While some game mechanics and player conversation may describe you, for instance, as a "Level 21 Wizard," in reality, the game sees you as a Level 20 Wizard with 1 Epic level. This also applies to multiclassed characters.

Epic levels do not accumulate heroic action points. Instead, you get epic destiny points which you can invest in Epic Destinies.

When you accumulate enough experience, take your epic levels by talking to a Fatespinner (epic trainer).

Level HP Saves BAB Feats Misc XP needed
21 +10 - +1 Epic Feat ED Tier 1-2 600,000
22 +10 +1 - Epic Destiny feat - 1,250,000
23 +10 - +1 - ED Tier 3, ED Core 2 1,950,000
24 +10 +1 - Epic Feat Ability increase 2,700,000
25 +10 - +1 Epic Destiny feat - 3,500,000
26 +10 +1 - - ED Tier 4, ED Core 3 4,350,000
27 +10 - +1 Epic Feat - 5,250,000
28 +10 +1 - Epic Destiny feat Ability increase 6,200,000
29 +10 - +1 - - 7,200,000
30 +10 +1 - Epic Feat, Legendary feat ED Tier 5 8,250,000
31+ see Legendary levels


  • Epic Feats: Characters that are level 21 or higher may select Epic Feats or Heroic Feats as their level 21/24/27/30 feat selections.
  • Epic Skills is a special feat automatically granted at each Epic level, giving +1 to all skills.
  • Epic Power is a special feat automatically granted at each Epic level, giving +6 Melee and Ranged Power, +6 Universal Spell Power, and -1% to the Spell Point cost of all spells.
  • Epic Knowledge is a special feat automatically granted at every second Epic level starting with level 22, giving +1 caster level and +1 maximum caster level with all spells (for a total of +5 to all casting classes at level 30).
  • Epic Destiny Feats granted at levels 22/25/28 are a separate list from the Epic Feats and Heroic Feats.
  • There's no spell point progress nor caster level progress, however some Epic Destinies have such benefits.
  • Each epic level grants your summons, pets and hirelings: +5 Melee and Ranged Power, +10 Universal Spell Power, +5 PRR and +5 MRR. This does not appear on the character sheet, but does show on the summoned creature's inspection panel as Epic Summons.

Epic levels versus Epic Destinies[edit]

Epic Destinies offer an additional way of progressing your character in epic levels. Since the Update 51 redesign, Epic Destinies are free.

After taking your 20th level for the first time, visit the Fatespinner to claim the destinies and gain a few free fate points.

Experience in Epics[edit]

  • Overlevel penalties don't apply in level 20+ dungeons.
  • Power-leveling penalties don't apply in level 20+ dungeons.