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A Centered state of being is a critical component of the Monk class, and Sacred Fist archetype of the Paladin class.

Several class-specific benefits are lost while a Monk/Sacred Fist is not Centered, effectively switching off the character's central powers.

  • The character loses his Armor Class Bonus received at levels 1, 2, 5, 10 and 15.
  • You cannot use or attain the benefits of any Monk-specific stances.
  • Your ki meter drains rapidly to zero and cannot be refilled.
  • The Fast Movement and Slow Fall abilities are disabled, leaving the character slower in running and in greater need of a Feather Falling item.
  • Any Monk or Sacred Fist enhancements that toggle (such as Sting of the Ninja) will deactivate.
  • The Flurry of Blows feat is disabled, bringing a Monk's Base Attack Bonus from 1 * Monk level to 0.75 * Monk level.

Being uncentered doesn't affect your AC bonuses related to WIS or DEX stats. Being uncentered also doesn't affect your Improved Evasion ability.

Characters with access to a Ki bar and who have not violated the requirements to remaining Centered, can be considered Centered for purposes of accessing bonus abilities related to the Centered state even if they are not of the Monk class. To access to a Ki bar you must have at least 1 Monk or Fist level, or be in the Grandmaster of Flowers Destiny.

Keeping Centered[edit]

The most common way that a character becomes uncentered is by being encumbered. A character must not be encumbered in order to keep centered. Low-level characters are susceptible to Ray of Enfeeblement spells, which can reduce Strength and leave the character vulnerable.

Characters cannot wear any armor except robes or outfits in order to keep centered. A Warforged character must use the Composite Plating (the starting plate all Warforged receive), and not any other Body Plating feat, for the Monk or Sacred Fist class.

Note for Warforged: If you already have a Body Plating feat – Mithril Body or Adamantine Body – then changing feats is problematic, and can be expensive. A Warforged with one of these feats will be permanently uncentered until they respec the feat using Fred. As for all feat respecs, Fred will require either a) 15 Astral Shards, b) a free feat token from Lockania, or c) an appropriate dragonshard obtained either in-game or through the DDO Store. You may find it prefereable to reroll your Warforged character rather than use a feat exchange.

Stuff that uncenters[edit]

  • Monks and Sacred Fists cannot use shields. Their Evasion feats, Miss chance benefits and saves compensate for this over time.
  • Energy draining attacks can also uncenter a character. Wearing spell absorption items will counter this issue, if only for a time.
  • Players who multi-class Monk/Fist levels and use other weapons will find that their limited Monk skills are disabled; for example, a multi-class Artificer wearing a Rune Arm will be uncentered.

Being centered with weapons[edit]

All possible sources for centering of weapons
Weapon Can be Centered Source(s)
Handwrap, Kama, Quarterstaff, Shuriken Yes Monk, Sacred Fist
Bastard Sword, Battle Axe, Club, Dagger, Dwarven War Axe, Falchion, Great Axe, Great Club, Great Sword, Hand Axe, Heavy Mace, Heavy Pick, Khopesh, Kukri, Light Hammer, Light Mace, Light Pick, Maul, Morningstar, Rapier, Scimitar, Shortsword, Sickle, Warhammer Yes Kensei
Shortsword Yes Ninja Spy
Sickle Yes Grandmaster of Flowers
Longbow, Shortbow Yes Zen Archery
Longsword Yes Whirling Steel Strike
Dagger, Kukri Yes Vistani Knife Fighter
Dart, Heavy Crossbow, Light Crossbow, Throwing Axe, Throwing Dagger, Throwing Hammer, Rune Arm No

Developer Notes on Armor Class and Centering[edit]

The Monk's Wisdom-based Armor Class bonus does not fully rely on the Centered state. This bonus has the same armor, shield, and encumbrance requirements as centered, but the Monk's weapons don't matter. A Monk still gets this bonus if he is uncentered only because of his weapons. This is intentional:

Originally Posted by (former developer) Eladrin Source

The monk wisdom (and class) bonus to armor class should essentially function "by the book". This bonus should be lost if wearing any armor, using a shield, or encumbered. It does not check for ki weapons however - it's less restrictive than the monk abilities that require one to remain centered.

Presumably, the same applies to the Sacred Fist's Charisma-based AC bonus, but this has not been confirmed.