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Category:Pages in need of editing

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+3 Combustion Scorched Scimitar+3 Energized Dagger+3 Glaciation Doused KhopeshA Grim DisturbanceA Man Named Baudry CartamonA New Forged BladeA Surprising AllianceAberration typeAcid ShotAdventuring OratorioAgmont JusteAgrimor 'The Summoner'Airship sub-raceAirship sub-race/Airship Cannon BallAlatra the GatekeeperAmalgamAna BrabenerAnabele d'JorascoAncient TextAnimal GrowthAntique Bronze TokenArcane AlacrityArcane BlastArcane ShockwaveArchaic LogbookArcing Sky (Level 23)Arcing Sky (Level 24)Arcing Sky (Level 25)Armor Class bonuses by classArtificer Scroll VendorAttack speedAttacks that hit with two weaponsAvatar of NatureAwesomiumBlightcrawlBlister BeetleBlock EnergyBonus DaysBraceBrass CenserBrawling Gloves (Level 16)Brawling Gloves (Level 8)Brineshallow ScragBrother Bauroth GoethCannith Binding StationCannith Crafting enchantmentsCauldron of FlameChain MissilesChill of Winter (Level 23)Chill of Winter (Level 24)Chill of Winter (Level 25)Chulchannad's ClawCiona the GreyCold BoltsCollectableCollectable CollectorsColors of the QueenCommander TarkorCompassCopperCopper Festival CoinCorrupted Flesh GolemCrafting Soul GemsCreature companionCrest of the BatCrypt MothCurative Admixture: Remove CurseCurative Admixture: Remove PoisonCymon DurosomDaedalean GlaiveDaedalean KrakenDaedalean TrefoilDanger RoomDarosDDO MarketDDO MLDecrepit SkeletonDeGenev BrothersDestroy the Carcass EatersDestroy the Zombie TrainDiamond of Festive Wisdom +2Difficulty classDivine VengeanceDoubleshot (feat)DPSDuelist's Leathers (Level 12)Duelist's Leathers (Level 16)Duelist's Leathers (Level 4)Duelist's Leathers (Level 8)Earth OutsiderEarthquakeElectrical BlastElectrical StormEnchant WeaponEncoded CommuniqueEnergy CriticalsEpic Bow of the Elements (Air)Epic Brawling Gloves (Level 24)Epic Brigand's Cutlass (Level 24)Epic Calomel FalchionEpic Cavalry Plate (Level 24)Epic Coronation ShieldEpic Duelist's Leathers (Level 20)Epic Hammer of LifeEpic Kundarak Warding ShieldEpic Leopard's ChillEpic MirageEpic Mournlode Docent (Level 20)Epic Ornamented Dagger (Level 24)Epic Ratkiller (Level 24)Epic Raven's SightEpic Ring of the Buccaneer (Level 24)Epic Ring of the MireEpic Shield of the ScorpionEpic Spare HandEpic Staff of Inner SightEpic Swashbuckler (tier 1)(level 24)Epic Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 20)Epic Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 24)Equipment slotEvil GuardExperience pointExploding Cannon ShotExploding Fire ShotFast HealingFey typeFiendish SpiderFire BlastFire SeedsFires of Purity (spell)Flame WardenFlamefang (Servants of the Overlord)FlickerFlint KnifeFood and drinksForce ShotForce trapFountain of Necrotic MightFrost SpiderGeneral VendorGiant raceGlamered Weapon AuraGlyph of WardingGold Festival CoinGreater Air ElementalGreater Flame GuardianGreater Tharaak HoundGuide to Pale Masters: Avoiding Light damageGwennaelle RucheliaHairy TrumpetHalf-Orc CrossbowmanHezrou of the DemonwebHieronymusHill Giant BruteHowl of TerrorHowl of Terror/sandboxHyena (summons)IessinImmunity to AcidImmunity to ElectricityIncarnate Flesh GolemInflict Critical Damage, MassInflict Light Damage, MassInflict Moderate Damage, MassInflict Serious Damage, MassInquisitor LightbringerIsanarJalin KalabreyJaws of WinterKarthonep the RestlessKey mappingKhyber Dragonshard Fragment of BindingKhyber HellhoundKhyber HezrouKhyber ReaverKhyber's FuryKobold SpectatorKookie Kutter (level 30)KookiesKrusher KoboldKylanni BaumKylkLanarinLarge Water ElementalLesser Heart of WoodLir'anel the DevaLolth's ImmanenceLord TristinLord VarnathLump of CoalMal'takalonMaldettoMaster's Riposte (Level 17)Mechanical trapMortar and PestleMournlode Docent (Level 12)Mournlode Docent (Level 16)Murlynd's MushNamed epic items by typeNearly FinishedNecrotic BlastNecrotic BoltNecrotic Touch (disease)Necrotic Touch (SLA)Night-Black Coffee Health VigorNight-Black Coffee Spell VigorNodeborn Ice ElementalNodebound DjinniNulbOlvod AlorumOrc ShamanOrnamented Dagger (Level 16)Ornate CharmOtvos GisunPack AptitudeFernando PaizPaka the HunterPalmis SamitParcaePlacesPositive Energy InfusionPotions by location with pricesPouch of Bone FragmentsPower Over Life and DeathPrismatic DustPublic instancePumpkin GrenadePumpkin HeadPyttan AyrienneQuinnyRadhnik OdeenRadiant ForcefieldRaef LarksongRaid loot mechanicRain of ArrowsRandomly generated lootRanged PowerRare Collectables VoucherRasskarRecoyleRelentless OnslaughtRestored Dragon RelicRestored Elven RelicRestored Giant RelicRetconReturn to Cabal for OneRiedraRiftborn Magma BruteScarlet CryptmossShar, Mistress of the Night CookieShavarathShimmering Spore PodShock and AweSilver Festival CoinSkull GrenadeSlaverSlime MoldSnowslideSoul Gem: DragonSoul Gem: Essence of EarthSpelltouchedSpirit BinderStanceStarting a DruidStarting a RogueStarved GriffonStone FetishStone of ExperienceStormrageStrinati's Hand CannonSulek SpineriderSummon Dryad ElderSummon Nature's Ally IXSummon Nature's Ally VSummon Nature's Ally VISummon Nature's Ally VIISummon Nature's Ally VIIISwashbuckler (tier 1)(level 12)Tahareh (doomsphere)Talvis SamitTawny Lion CubTemple SalamanderTemple Umber HulkThe Devourer's HungerThe Five NationsThe Hag's PrizeThe HarborThe Harbormaster's FavorThe Inspired QuarterThe Lost SeekersThe MarketplaceThe Pea ShooterThe Red Fens epic itemsThe RefectoryThe Restless Isles/Ogre FootholdThe Restless Isles/Wildmen FootholdThe Rewards of TreacheryThe Tower of the TwelveThe Tracker's TrapThe Turmoil Within (Level 23)The Turmoil Within (Level 24)The Turmoil Within (Level 25)The VoyageThorflThought SpikeThree-Barrel Cove (epic)Ti'Ana the DevaTieflingTira's SplendorTitan's FistToken of the SpiderTreasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 12)TremorTrial by FireTutorial: How to advance your characterTutorial: How to Bind your characterTutorial: How to buy & sell items in your inventoryTutorial: How to find a QuestTutorial: Quests inside TavernsTwist of Fate/4th slot combinationsUnconsciousUnstoppableVector: The Cannith CrystalVial of Dragon's Blood InkVigor, MassVintage Old Sully's GrogVolant AlcazarVolant ManifestVolant SignetVolcanic ElementalWarehouse LedgerWitch-Man N'goWolf Combat EnhancementsWolf CompanionWood ElfXiaobo's Shock DustXy'zzyZarnoth the VigilantZaul TaszZygomycota Fungus

The Snitch loot

Garos' MaliceNoxious Fang

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Dwarven FootmanFrenzied BruteHired BladeIcy EvokerLyrical PoetOverconfidentSpelltouchedThe GladiatorUpdate 33 Patch 1 Release NotesWhirling Dervish

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+5 Eternal Wand of Ray of FrostAbility tomeAcid ShotAdventure PacksAgainst the Demon Queen (quest)An Offering of BloodArcane Archer Imbue ArrowsArcing Sky (Level 13)Armor Class bonusesArmor Class bonuses by classAttack sequenceBane (enchantment)BanishingBard Love GuideBlessed Cold IronBlessed SilverBraisingstarBrothers of the ForgeCalomel Repeating CrossbowCalomel WeaponsCannith Crafting stepsCannith Elemental WeaponsCaught in the WebCaverns of KorromarChains of FlameChill of Winter (Level 13)Chulchannad's ClawClemeit/SandBoxCollectable source/Pre-U32 archiveCombat Magic RoomCombat Magic TrainingCombat TrainingCombat Training RoomCome Out and SlayCompassCoronationCrafting Success BoosterCrystal CoveDamage ReductionDeafenedDefiler of the JustDeitiesDemon AssaultDesecrated Temple of VolDesecrated Temple of Vol (epic)DessafinDevil Assault (quest)Diplomatic ImpunityDirty LaundryDismissing StrikeDisrupting WeaponsDrow Khopesh of the Weapon MasterDungeon ScalingElectrical BlastElectrical LashElectrical StormEmbodiment of Law (enchantment)Epic Bow of the Elements (Air)Epic Cacophonic VergeEpic CraftingEpic Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 20)Epic Luminous TruthEpic Mask of ComedyEpic MirageEpic Mummy WrappingsEpic Necklace of VenomEpic Siren's BeltEpic Staff of Nat GannEpic Sword of ShadowEpic Tourney ArmorEpic Vulkoorim Dervish RobeEquipment slotExploding Cannon ShotExploding Fire ShotFear FactoryFeast or FamineFellblade (falchion)Fire BlastFire on Thunder PeakFlame WardenFlesh Maker's LaboratoryFlesh Maker's Laboratory (epic)FlickerForce ShotForgotten Light (Level 16)Forgotten Light (Level 17)Forgotten Light (Level 18)Foundation of DiscordFrame WorkFriends in Low PlacesGaros' MaliceGenesis PointGhosts of PerditionGhosts of Perdition (epic)Gianthold TorGood IntentionsGreater Ice Rune ArmGuide to Free to PlayGuild LevelGuild RenownHalfling GuileHand of the TombsHateHow Do I Pick A RaceImpossible DemandsIn the Belly of the BeastIn The FleshInvaders!Khyber's FuryList of quests by story arcLucid DreamsMining for Ancient SecretsMired in KoboldsMissingMists of Ravenloft Saga: EpicMonastery of the ScorpionMonk stancesMournlode ArmorsMournlode WeaponsMulticlassMurder by NightNamed armor by typeNamed epic items by typeNamed weapons by typeNoxious FangPartycrashersPlane of NightPower PlayPrecious CargoPrey on the HunterProve Your WorthPurge the Fallen ShrineQuests by Adventure PackRaiding the Giants' VaultRazorendRebellionReclaiming MemoriesReclaiming the RiftRemote Item DeconstructionRepossessionReturn to Cabal for OneReturn to Gianthold TorReturn to Prison of the PlanesSagaSanura's BandSchemes of the EnemySealed in AmberSearch for the Rare ScrollsServants of the OverlordSewer RescueSickle of SypherosSiegebreakerSilverSinister StorageSins of AttritionSmiting WeaponsSpies in the HouseStarting a FighterStarting a SorcererStealer of SoulsStealth TrainingStormcleave OutpostStrinati's Hand CannonSurvive the Low RoadSwashbuckler weapons with improved critical profileSyndeo's Guide to Being a Revered RangerSyndeo's Guide to Being an Effective ClericTaint of ChaosTaking StockTemple of Elemental Evil Part OneTemple of Elemental Evil Part TwoTemple of the DeathwyrmThe Archons' TrialThe Battle for EveningstarThe Coalescence ChamberThe Codex and the ShroudThe CrucibleThe Deadly Package: Agent of the DarguulThe Deadly Package: The Stronghold KeyThe Deal and the DemonThe Devil's DetailsThe DisciplinatorThe Druid's CurseThe Fall of TruthThe Hobgoblins' CaptivesThe House of Broken ChainsThe House of Death UndoneThe House of Rusted BladesThe Last Move: Yarkuch's Last StandThe Lord of BladesThe Lord of EyesThe Lords of DustThe Lost ThreadThe Mark of DeathThe MarketplaceThe Master ArtificerThe Maze of MadnessThe Missing PartyThe Night Revels/Key required per rewardThe Path to MadnessThe Pea ShooterThe Portal OpensThe PrisonerThe RiddleThe Salvation of KorthosThe ShroudThe SnitchThe Spinner of ShadowsThe Stormreaver FrescoThe Tear of DhakaanThe Threnal ArenaThe Thrill of the HuntThe Titan AwakesThe Tracker's TrapThe Turmoil Within (Level 13)The Unquiet GravesThe Xorian CipherTheurgic StaveThorn and PawThought SpikeThrall of the NecromancerThrough a Mirror DarklyThwarting the ThreatTitan's FistTo Curse the SkyTomb of the ForbiddenTower of DespairTrial by FuryVaults of the Artificers lootVaults of the Artificers loot/ArmorVaults of the Artificers loot/WeaponsWhich Feats Do I TakeWidowblightWild Shape

Silver items

Band of Diani ir'WynarnBand of Insightful CommandsBarovian ShurikenBeacon of DayBlade of InquisitionBludgeoning BankrollBow of the Silver FlameBrand of Kalok ShashCannith Elemental WeaponsCaustic HandwrapsChainsCorroded RapierCrushing CapitalCutting CurrencyDagger of InquisitionDevout HandwrapsDivinity, the Morninglord's GoalDoctor Vulcana's Broken WristwatchDream EdgeEcho of RavenkindEcho of the IconElectrified HandwrapsElemental Greataxe of FireElemental Greataxe of Fire (level 12)Elemental Greataxe of Fire (level 16)Elyd EdgeEnergized HandwrapsEpic Antique GreataxeEpic Bludgeoning BankrollEpic Bow of the Silver FlameEpic Chimera's FangEpic Crushing CapitalEpic Doused HandwrapsEpic Electrified HandwrapsEpic Elemental Greataxe of FireEpic Elyd EdgeEpic Energized HandwrapsEpic Etched HandwrapsEpic Eviscerating ExpensesEpic Leopard's ChillEpic Light UnendingEpic Quenched HandwrapsEpic Scorched HandwrapsEpic Silver SlingerEpic Staff of Nat GannEpic Thrall of the Fire TempleEtched HandwrapsEternal RestEviscerating ExpensesFate, the Knower of AllFive RingsForester's Brush HookForester's Brush Hook (Level 15)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 16)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 17)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 22)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 23)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 24)Freshly Picked BerriesHound of the NightHunter's SlayerHunter's Slayer (Level 24)Hunter's Slayer (Level 25)Hunter's Slayer (Level 26)Iron BandKey of Rhukaan DraalLegendary Band of Insightful CommandsLegendary Beacon of DayLegendary Hound of the NightLegendary Lunar CrescentLegendary MoonsliceLegendary MoonwillowLegendary Sunken VirtueLegendary Tail of the ScorpionLegendary Vulkoor's EdgeLeopard's ChillLight UnendingLunar CrescentMoonsliceMoonwillowQuenched HandwrapsQuivering QuiverRadiant ArcReinforced RingRing of ResonanceRing of the AncestorsRuby of the Vampire SlayerSanctity, the Morninglord's KeepSeal of the Purple DragonSerrulaeShacklesSignet of AmaunatorSilver Ingot Arcanum (Level 12)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 13)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 14)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 23)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 24)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 25)Silver LongbowSilver SlingerSmall CandleSmoldering HandwrapsStaff of Nat GannSuffering, the Half of WholeSunken VirtueTail of the ScorpionThe Mad LuteThrall of the Fire TempleThunder and Lightning (Level 17)Thunder and Lightning (Level 18)Thunder and Lightning (Level 19)Thunder and Lightning (Level 26)Thunder and Lightning (Level 27)Thunder and Lightning (Level 28)Torn, That Which Renders DespairTurbulent EpeeUltimatumVan Richten's CaneVan Richten's Legendary CaneVulkoor's Edge

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