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The Path of Inspiration

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The Path of Inspiration adpack icon.jpg
350 DP Requires access to adventure pack: The Path of Inspiration

The Inspired rebuilt Stormreach's Old Harbor, but are the Inspired a dream come true or a nightmare? Dare to explore and be taken beneath the Harbor, to a savage island, and into your own mind as you discover the Inspired's terrible secret.

The Path of Inspiration story arc consists of 5 Level 18 quests, all taking place in the Inspired Quarter. Here you will fight against a Quori infiltration of Stormreach.

This pack was introduced with Update 1, and is offered to Free to Play players as an Adventure Pack. During the 10th anniversary of DDO's Free-to-Play model, the code PATHTO10 was available to all players from September 26th until October 3rd to add it to their account for free.

In the Inspired Quarter town area (and Wylkes Manor), you can collect the following 3 quests:

Once you have Finding the Path done, head back to Wylkes Manor and talk to the healer, found sitting next to Jeets.

Then Jeets will bestow you the final quest.

Quests By Favor[edit]

Quest Name Quest Level Total Favor Patron
Finding the Path 18 18 The Coin Lords
Dream Conspiracy 18 18 The Coin Lords
The Shipwrecked Spy 18 18 The Coin Lords
I Dream of Jeets 18 18 The Coin Lords
The Mindsunder 18 18 The Coin Lords
Total 5 Quests 90 Favor

Crystal Disks and the Mindsunder optional chest[edit]

This story arc offers "end loot" in a unique way - you finish the Mindsunder quest and then inside the quest instance, you have to unlock final "optional" chest by spending Crystal Disks, one each of 4 colors. Only this "optional" chest has chance to drop unique items, so that is the only reason to run this quest chain, other than XP and favor.

End chest of other 4 quests all have guaranteed drop of Shards of a specific color (sometimes you get Disks as a lucky pull), then you can combine 3 Shards into 1 Disk at the Stone of Change. Therefore, several pre-quests runs may be required to get an item pull from the final quest, based on how many disks are on hand within your group, and of what color (e.g., your group already has plenty of colored disks spread amongst itself save for...yellow perhaps, causing you to focus on Shipwrecked Spy).

Disks and Shards are bound to account, thus access to account-wide bank is highly recommended.

This mechanic may somewhat penalize PuG group (you may rather not want to spend your Disks for somebody you don't know), however, most of players seem to consider it is not that bad.

The Mindsunder loot[edit]

All drop from an optional end chest, Min Level 18, Bound to Account

NOTE: Each Named items that can appear on this quest end reward and chest loot list will have a 50% chance of appearing on every third completion.