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Extraplanar refers to a monster subtype applied to any creature when it is on a plane other than its native plane. A creature that travels the planes can gain or lose this subtype as it goes from plane to plane. Creatures not labeled as extraplanar are natives of the Material Plane of Eberron, and they gain the extraplanar subtype if they leave it.

In DDO, extraplanar is not used in classification. It is a quality that is only used to determine if a creature is vulnerable to Banishing, Dismissal, or Banishment.

Extraplanar Monsters[edit]

Extraplanar creatures include:

*Tieflings are not considered extraplanar in DDO, even those classified as evil outsiders. Quori are also not considered extraplanar, but technically they should be when encountered outside of dream-states. Rakshasa are not considered extra planar either, possibly because many have migrated to the material plane.
**Other types of hag are considered Monstrous Humanoids and so are not extraplanar.
***In Shavarath, devils and demons are not extraplanar and cannot be banished.

When player characters venture to Shavarath, they are extraplanar. Only the Boots of Anchoring can make them immune.

Creature Entries[edit]

  1. Inevitable
  2. Beholder
  3. Greater Fire Mephit
  4. Fire Mephit
  5. Greater Ice Mephit
  6. Greater Air Mephit
  7. Ice Mephit
  8. Air Mephit
  9. Pykzyl
  10. Fiend-Blood Lion
  11. Vorvand Darkfur
  12. General Muurajha
  13. Chaos Beholder
  14. Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Ranger
  15. Frenzied Bezekira
  16. Fiend-Blood Bat
  17. Fiendish Firebrand
  18. Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Theurge
  19. Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Stalker
  20. Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Warmaster
  21. Fiend-Blood Scorpion
  22. Fiend-Blood Troll
  23. Elder Beholder
  24. Beholder Boozer
  25. Beholder Fleshmender
  26. Hadarach
  27. Frokke
  28. Prodigal Water Elemental
  29. Prodigal Fire Elemental
  30. Prodigal Earth Elemental
  31. Prodigal Air Elemental
  32. Belashyrra
  33. Behadil
  34. Young Beholder
  35. Fiend-Blood Gnoll
  36. Whirlwind (mephit)
  37. Sizzle
  38. Sleet
  39. General Hruvayah
  40. Blackheart Fiend-Blood
  41. Balkan
  42. Fiendish Batling
  43. Fiendish Dread Bat
  44. Xig Zit Zarlag
  45. Quixzobie Kal
  46. Shocking Idea
  47. Prison Guard (fire mephit)
  48. Barovian Ice Mephit
  49. Kobold Lookout
  50. Scrawny Kobold
  51. Crafty Kobold Warrior
  52. Vicious Kobold Concubine
  53. Elderly Kobold Crone
  54. Sneaky Kobold Hunter
  55. Infirm Kobold Veteran
  56. Kobold Runner
  57. Summoned Air Mephit
  58. Mephit Minion
  59. Drow Priestess (Web of Chaos)