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Using a rest shrine

Rest shrines[edit]

Rest shrines are tall monoliths with a blue symbol found in quests and wilderness adventure areas that will replenish:

It also resets the death penalty and allows spell swapping like an inn.

Rest shrines can be used only once in quests on Hard and Elite settings, once every 15 minutes on Normal and in wilderness areas, and once every 5 minutes on Solo and Casual.

Resurrection shrines[edit]

Resurrection shrines are tall monoliths with a red symbol found in quests and wilderness adventure areas that can be used when dead in order to resurrect with a tenth of one's maximum hit points and whatever spell points they had at the time of death. Note that you will suffer a temporary negative level due to the death penalty.

Resurrection shrines can be used as often as needed. A dead character's Soul stone must be within 10 seconds of distance to the shrine in order to use it - running, swimming, falling, doesn't matter, 10 seconds from the moment you are "Out of Range" of your Soul Stone. If this is too far, another player character or hireling (see below) can pick up the stone and carry it.

In order to Resurrect a hireling, target the shrine, and then instruct the hireling to interact with your target. The same rule applies; if they are within range, they will then move to the shrine and be resurrected, though they may not move as efficiently/creatively as a player might to get there.

Hires and your soul stone[edit]

To have a hireling or pet carry your soul stone:

1) Target your stone (so it appears in your Focus Orb).
2) If they are not nearby already, call the hire to your location (hidden from enemy line-of-sight if necessary).
3) Order your hireling/pet to "use" the item you have targeted (by clicking the "gear" icon in their hotbar). They will move near it and pick it up, and it will disappear. Your soul stone is now at the location of your hire, where ever they move to.
  • At this point, the only way to give your soul stone to another is if your hire dies. If they do die, your stone drops at that location (as does theirs), not where your "ghost" currently is.
4) Your ghost can now move and have your hire/pet follow you. So long as you are not out of range of your hire for more than 10 seconds, you can keep moving - climbing ladders, falling (without fear of dying again), swimming (even in lava), whatever it takes. If you get to a trap, park your hire, run through and then call them once it's safe.
  • If you are out of range for more than 10 seconds, you will be snapped back to your hire, and can continue from there.
5) If you get to a door, target the lever/valve and order your hire/pet to "use" that to open it.
  • It is not possible for a ghost to use portals; these are a barrier to this solution.
6) Once you are at a shrine, resurrect as normal.

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