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Acolyte of the Skin

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Acolyte of the Skin is a variant Warlock archetype themed around Demonic power and transformation. Introduced in Update 58.

Changes from base class[edit]

Eldritch Beam attacks
Any non-good
Bug: There might be a bug that allows some characters take AotS despite having incompatible alignment. However, such characters cannot take the True Patron: Fiend feat. (DDO Forums)
True Patron: Fiend
The only pact option for Acolytes. Same as Fiend pact, except:
  • No autogranted spells
  • Level 6 ability: Instead of Dark One's Luck, gain Fiendskin: +1 profane bonus to Fire Resistance per Warlock Level.
Eldritch Blast and Pact dice
Give up Warlock's blast and pact dice progression, instead receive the following feats automatically:
Important Tip: Multiclass characters can pick up these feats (just like Monk stance upgrade feats).
Example) 19 Cleric, 1 Acolyte of the Skin -> They can take Pact Attumement at 6, 12, 18 as their feat choice.
This is a total of 8d8 Blast Dice, 8d6 Pact Dice. For comparison, a standard Warlock at level 18 has 5d8 Blast Dice and 9d6 Pact Dice (can push to 6d8 Blast and 10d6 Pact at level 20).

Dice comparison table[edit]

Level Eldritch Blast Damage Pact Damage Effective original warlock level
1st 2d8 2d6 4th (Blast) / 4th (Pact)
6th 4d8 4d6 12th (Blast) / 8th (Pact)
12th 6d8 6d6 20th (Blast) / 12th (Pact)
18th 8d8 8d6 28th? (Blast)Icon tooltip.pngNot really an existing level, but it's effectively 28th warlock level. / 16th (Pact)

Past life[edit]

  • +1 MRR, +5 Fire Spell Power (stacks 3 times)