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Skill point

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At first character level, that is at character creation, the number of skill points given is equal to {(Class Skill Points + Intelligence modifier*) x 4}. At each level gained, character receives a number of skill points equal to Class modifier + Intelligence modifier, with a minimum of 1 skill point per level after modifiers.

(* For purposes of determining the Intelligence modifier, the only bonuses to the Intelligence ability which are counted for this purpose are {Base (starting) Intelligence + Level ups (at Level 4, 8, 12, etc.) + Ability Tomes}. Increases to Intelligence from Enhancements, gear, spells, Guild buffs or other short-term boosts do not count.)

The base Class Skill Points are as following:

Humans (including the Iconic race Purple Dragon Knight) gain 4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level.

Class skills cost one point per rank. Cross-class skills cost two points per rank.

Skill tomes (for Intelligence) can increase the skill points available starting at the next Level up after they are applied to a character. This is not retroactive; no skill points are "owed" a character from previous level-ups. Since they are not applied until a Character is (fully) Level 1, they do not change Skill Points during Character (re-)Creation immediately after any Reincarnation.

  • See Skill page for more information.

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