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Premium Account

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Premium Accounts are accounts that have spent real money on DDO. Any of the following counts

  • Registering a Dungeon's & Dragons Stormreach retail account key
  • Purchasing at least one month of VIP status
  • Purchasing in the DDO Market or via Steam store
  • Purchasing DDO Points in the DDO Store
  • Purchasing DP card in U.S. retail stores

After the purchase, usually you have to activate a product key via the DDO Store - Redeem Code.

The following does NOT grant premium status:

Premium Accounts receive the following benefits:

  • DDO Points: Purchase or earn through Favor
  • Classes: Must purchase Monk, Druid, Warlock and Alchemist. Must purchase Favored Soul (account-wide) or unlock through Favor (per server). Must purchase Artificer (account-wide) or unlock through House Cannith Favor (per server).
  • Races: Must purchase Warforged, Half-Elf, Gnome and Half-Orc. All Iconics (Bladeforged, Deep Gnome, Purple Dragon Knight, Shadar-kai and Sun Elf (Morninglord) must be purchased. Must purchase Drow (account-wide) or unlock through Favor (per server).
  • Adventure Packs: Must purchase packs with DDO Points
  • Character Slots: 5 per server, may purchase more
  • Shared Account Bank: Can withdraw items previously stored as a VIP.
  • Login Queue: High. (This isn't a real benefit, the game has not yet implemented any log in queue tech, you simply get an error if the sever is full regardless of your account type)
  • Chat: Unlimited. (However Free accounts have no known chat restrictions currently anyway)
  • Auctions: Officially Unlimited, actually limited to 50 items up for sale
  • Mail: Officially Unlimited, actually limited to 50 messages in your mailbox
  • Gold Storage: Officially Unlimited, technically limited to about 4.3 million pp
  • Guilds: Must purchase a Guild Charter to create a guild, can join guilds for free
  • Customer Service: Full for a number of days after a purchase of DDO Points (posted 03-12-2010, 09:03 AM):
    • $1.00 – 15 days
    • $14.99 – 30 days
    • $30.00 – 90 days
    • $60.00 – 180 days
    • $100.00 – 365 days
  • DDO Compendium: Read/Post
  • Official Forums: Read/Post
  • Beta Priority: Normal
  • Idle Auto-logout: 20 minutes
  • Monster Manual: Prologue and Chapter 1. Must purchase Chapter 2 and beyond

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