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Accelerate Spell

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Icon Feat Accelerate.png
Accelerate Spell


While this Metamagic feat is active, the projectiles of spells affected by Accelerate Spell fly faster and with less of an arc, but consume 5 additional spell points.

Only these spells are affected by the Accelerate Spell metamagic feat:

Spell School Alc Art Brd Blc Clr DH Drd Fvs Pal Rng Sor/Wiz Wld Wlk
Turn to Frog Transmutation 5
Cindersmoke Conjuration 4
Curative Admixture: Inflict Serious Wounds Conjuration 3
Curative Admixture: Remove Curse Conjuration 2 5
Glue Bomb Transmutation 2
Corrosive Dust Conjuration 4
Voltaic Induction Conjuration 3
Caustic Solvent Conjuration 3
Acid Concentration Conjuration 3
Curative Admixture: Heal Conjuration 6
Lesser Restorative Draught Conjuration 1
Elemental Combination Conjuration 6
Curative Admixture: Cure Light Wounds Conjuration 1 1 1
Multivial of Sparks Conjuration 5
Multivial of Poison Conjuration 5
Sparks Concentration Conjuration 3
Curative Admixture: Cure Serious Wounds Conjuration 3 3 3
Vial of Frost Conjuration 1
Restorative Draught Conjuration 2
Curative Admixture: Inflict Critical Wounds Conjuration 4
Melt Armor Conjuration 2
Multivial of Flame Conjuration 5
Cold Spike Conjuration 2
Multivial of Acid Conjuration 5
Greater Restorative Draught Conjuration 3
Flame Concentration Conjuration 3
Vial of Venom Conjuration 1
Frost Concentration Conjuration 3
Caustic Overload Transmutation 4
Sanctified Vial Conjuration 4
Curative Admixture: Remove Disease Conjuration 1 3
Heartstopper Poison Conjuration 3
Curative Admixture: Cure Moderate Wounds Conjuration 2 2 2
Vial of Flame Conjuration 1
Voltaic Backlash Conjuration 2
Curative Admixture: Remove Poison Conjuration 1 4
Greater Venom Vial Conjuration 2
Flashbang Transmutation 5
Molotov Cocktail Conjuration 3
Vein Freeze Conjuration 4
Vial of Acid Conjuration 1
Vial of Sparks Conjuration 1
Hypnotic Combination Transmutation 4
Rapid Condensation Transmutation 1
Bitter Frost Burst Conjuration 3
Venom Concentration Conjuration 2
Curative Admixture: Remove Paralysis Conjuration 2
Empty Bottle Conjuration 1
Curative Admixture: Inflict Light Wounds Conjuration 1
Corrode Weapons Conjuration 2
Curative Admixture: Inflict Moderate Wounds Conjuration 2
Voltaic Burst Conjuration 4
Curative Admixture: Cure Critical Wounds Conjuration 4 5 4
Multivial of Frost Conjuration 5
Curative Admixture: Harm Conjuration 6


This spell does not increase a range of spell.

Bug: 'Always On' and 'Always Off' settings won't work with this metamagic. Even if you select those, always work as 'Standard'.