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Wizards and artificers learn spells by adding them to their spellbook.

Each time leveling up, a wizard must choose two spells to add to their spellbook. These are mostly the same set of spells that can obtained by inscribing. Spells learned by leveling do not need to be inscribed; other spellbook spells must be inscribed.

In addition to the automatically granted required Feat called Inscribe Scroll upon creation, two objects are necessary to inscribe spells to a spellbook:

  1. A scroll with the magic spell. These can be purchased or gained as loot. If a scroll has a red or yellow warning markings, it cannot be inscribed at that time (or perhaps ever, depending on your character).
  2. Inscription Material. This is purchased, for example, in the central marketplace. (The Inscription Material is used up after the spell is inscribed, so inscribing spells has two costs.) Each level of spells has its own level of Inscription Material. Other levels of Inscription Material cannot be used.

To inscribe:

  1. Drag the Inscribe Scroll Feat onto a shortcut bar.
  2. Open your inventory.
  3. Left-click in inventory on the spell scroll to be inscribed.
  4. Left-click on the Inscribe Scroll Feat on your shortcut bar. A pop-up progress bar labeled "Inscribing" appears in the upper middle screen. If a pop-up error appears reading that you do not have the appropriate material, then you do not have the Inscription Material matching the spell level.
  5. Wait until the progress bar completes and disappears. The spell is now available to be moved from those that are simply known, to those that are currently active.

Some spells cannot be purchased from vendors. Consult the list of arcane scrolls not available from vendors before selecting level up spells.

In the early levels, gaining spells is relatively expensive, and since only a few of those in your spellbook can be active at a given time, you should consider which are the most critical.