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Racial Reincarnation

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Racial Reincarnation (RR) is a form of True Reincarnation (TR) introduced in U35:

  • Almost everything other than the character's name can be changed in this process

RR allows the character to be reborn as a more powerful incarnation, providing:

  • Increased build points - if this is the character's 1st or 2nd TR
  • A Racial Past Life feat, based on the character's current race - to a maximum of 3 per race

RR is available, after level 20, to all characters who are not currently Iconic Heroes

  • Iconic Heroes must advance to level 30 before undergoing Iconic Reincarnation
  • RR can be used by non-Iconic characters to TR into a non-Iconic character (resetting XP back to level 1) or an Iconic character (resetting XP back to level 15)
    • To reincarnate into an Iconic Hero, reincarnate as normal and select "Iconic" on the character selection screen to build your next life

Please note:

  • A reincarnation cannot be combined with any other reincarnation option - it's one or the other, never two (or more) at once
  • RR uses the Reincarnation Cache in exactly the same way that Heroic Reincarnation does. source
  • A Wish for Memories can be used to modify the Racial Past Life that a character receives from their current life


Lahar Heroic True Heart of Blood.jpg
  • Build point upgrade (to 34, then 36)
  • Grants passive Racial Past Life Feats
  • Loss of all XP (revert to Level 1)
  • Loss of all Favor and character-level favor rewards (but not server-level favor rewards)
  • Loss of all quest completions, flagging and raid completion counter
Required item:

Tapping into memories of their former selves, Racial Reincarnated characters will receive additional build points to spend during character generation, as well as unique bonuses in the form of access to Racial Past Life feats. Each reincarnation will also upgrade the character's status on their examine window (to Hero for second-life characters and Legend for third life characters and beyond), and the character will be slightly physically larger than previous lives. Also, TRed characters have a blue lighting effect that surrounds their body upon log-on and zone-in.

RR allows players to relive their journey through Stormreach. Characters will:

  • Keep no favor or quest completion flagging upon reincarnation
  • Start at level 1, with 0 XP, when reincarnating into classic races (regardless of VIP or Veteran Status)
  • Start at level 15, when reincarnation into Iconic Heroes
  • Require more experience to progress through each level
    • XP requirements increase after 1st TR and again after 2nd TR, but do not increase after that
    • This experience increase only applies to Heroic Levels (1-20), the experience requirements for Epic Leveling never change
  • Receive increased build points:
    • 1st TR grants access to a 34-point build (30 for Drow), even if the character was initially created as a 28 point build
    • 2nd & subsequent TRs grant access to a 36-point build (32 for Drow)
  • Be able to open quests on higher difficulties if they are Premium/Free to Play
    • 1st TR allows the character to open quests on Hard difficulty
    • 2nd & subsequent TRs allow the character to open quests on Elite (N.B. VIPs can open all quests on Elite from any character, irrespective of number of TRs)
Status Description Build point Physical Blue light
Adventurer Non-TR 28-point build Standard No
Champion 32-point build
Hero 2nd life/After 1st TR 34-point build 2-3% taller Yes
Legend 3rd life/After 2nd and subsequent TR 36-point build 5% taller

RR benefits are identical to those of Heroic Reincarnation other than Past Life Feats, and do not stack (i.e. 2 TRs will make you 5% taller whether they are Heroic or Racial. 2 Racial TRs and 2 Heroic TRs will not make you 10% taller).

If you undergo True Reincarnation of any type (Heroic, Racial or Iconic), you must wait 3 days before True Reincarnating again

  • You may perform a Lesser Reincarnation within 3 days a True Reincarnation (including immediately afterwards) as True Reincarnation is on a separate timer from the timer for Lesser Reincarnation
    • Lesser Reincarnation is on its own 3 day timer, so you cannot Lesser Reincarnate if you have already done so within the last 3 days

Racial PL Benefits[edit]

The Racial Past life feats are listed below; the "1st" column shows the bonus received for the first reincarnation, the "2nd" for the second reincarnation of a given race, etc. The 3rd reincarnation is always +1 Racial Action Point, applied to your current racial Enhancement tree (including Iconics).

All accrued bonuses are applied at Level 1 (i.e. immediately after character creation). Bonuses to attributes change the final, but not "base" value; i.e. they do not count for Feat prerequisites, bonus Intelligence does not count toward Skill Points, etc. source

More than 3 Racial Reincarnations with the same race adds no further bonuses.

Race F2P? 1st 2nd 3rd
Aasimar no +1 Heal +1 Wisdom +1 Racial Action Point
Dragonborn yes +1 Spellcraft +1 Charisma
Drow yes +1 Search +1 Intelligence
Dwarf yes +1 Balance +1 Constitution
Elf or Wood Elf yes +1 Spot +1 Dexterity
Gnome yes +1 Use Magic Device +1 Intelligence
Half-Elf yes +1 Diplomacy +1 Charisma
Half-Orc yes +1 Intimidate +1 Strength
Halfling yes +1 Move Silently +1 Dexterity
Human yes +1 Haggle +1 Wisdom
Shifter no +1 Spot +1 Dexterity
Tabaxi no +1 Tumble +1 Dexterity
Tiefling yes +1 Spellcraft +1 Charisma
Warforged yes* +1 Repair +1 Constitution
* Warforged are not available to starting accounts, however they are available "for free" once any character on that server earns 400 favor. Warforged and all non-Free-to-play races can be bought in-game via the DDO Store.

So, besides starting with 36 build points, a racial-completionist (three of each race) would enjoy +4 to Dex, +3 to Cha; +2 to Con, Int, and Wis; and +1 to Str. They would also receive a bonus of 14 Racial AP, as well as the +2 to Spot and Spellcraft and +1 bonuses to the other listed skills - plus the benefits of the Racial Completionist Feat (i.e. +2 to all ability scores and +2 to all skills).

Ability Score upgrades from Racial Past Lives

Ability Past Life Bonuses Completionist Total Bonus
Strength +1 +2 +3
Dexterity +4 +2 +6
Constitution +2 +2 +4
Intelligence +2 +2 +4
Wisdom +2 +2 +4
Charisma +3 +2 +5

Skill upgrades from Racial Past Lives with Racial Completionist

Skill Ability Score Direct Skill Bonuses Ability Score Bonuses Total
Balance Dexterity +3 +3 +6
Bluff Charisma +2 +2.5 +4.5
Concentration Constitution +2 +2 +4
Diplomacy Charisma +3 +2.5 +5.5
Disable Device Intelligence +2 +2 +4
Haggle Charisma +3 +2.5 +5.5
Heal Wisdom +3 +2 +5
Hide Dexterity +2 +3 +5
Intimidate Charisma +3 +2.5 +5.5
Jump Strength +2 +1.5 +3.5
Listen Wisdom +2 +2 +4
Move Silently Dexterity +3 +3 +6
Open Lock Dexterity +2 +3 +5
Perform Charisma +2 +2.5 +4.5
Repair Intelligence +3 +2 +5
Search Intelligence +3 +2 +5
Spellcraft Intelligence +4 +2 +6
Spot Wisdom +4 +2 +6
Swim Strength +2 +1.5 +3.5
Tumble Dexterity +3 +3 +6
Use Magic Device (UMD) Charisma +3 +2.5 +5.5
* 0.5 skill bonus is included to represent odd ability scores, but will not be granted in-game.

Racial Completionist Feat[edit]

Once a character has completed all 3 Tiers of reincarnation on all current races, a free Racial Completionist Feat is awarded to all future incarnations

  • This feat adds +2 to all skills and all ability scores, on top of the bonuses listed above
  • This feat is identical to, and stacks with, the Class Completionist feat. This feat is free and requires no feat slot to be used

If additional races are added, this Feat is deactivated and the character will need to acquire those new racial past lives before it is reactivated.


Some notes about True Reincarnation:

Reincarnation Cache[edit]

  • On TR, your Reincarnation Cache will be built to hold the contents of your Inventory and Bank
    • You will not lose items on TR. All of the contents of your Character's Inventory and Bank are placed in a new Bank window called Reincarnation Cache (Remove Only)
    • Order of items is not maintained when filling the cache, so there is no need to sort your Inventory/Bank before you TR
  • If you have any items in your Reincarnation Cache from previous TRs, you will not be able to TR until they are removed to your Inventory or Bank
  • When you log on after TR, your Inventory and Bank will be empty - all items will be in the Reincarnation Cache
  • The remove only restriction on the Reincarnation Cache does not apply to adding items to existing stacks of that item already in your Cache

Quest Flagging[edit]

  • Your quest completions and timers are reset
    • Many players choose to wait until they get their 20th completion on some raids before TRing, such as The Shroud to get an Essence of Cleansing
  • Keep your Sigil of Dal Quor (flagged for Titan raid), Sigil: Frame with additional pieces (partial flagging for Abbot raid), Phiarlan Pendant of Time (fast city travel)
    • All can be used in your new life without having to work for them

Preparation before TR[edit]

  • Stock up on potions/scrolls/low level gear if you have a better Haggle now than you will at the start of your new life
  • Your currency is untouched, but if you are Free to Play you will start back at the level 1 currency cap of 1,250 pp and may go 'over cap' and any currency above the cap will be lost if you try to mail or spend it. F2P characters should always be empty of currency before True Reincarnation to avoid this.
  • Your mailbox is untouched; no need to empty it before True Reincarnation. The same is true of the Auction House.
  • A larger list is on the forum here: The Great Big TR Checklist.

Effects of TR[edit]

  • Your backpack resets to 3 tabs, and your bank to 1 tab (plus any DDO Store-bought personal backpack/bank space).
  • Your spellbook is wiped. You will have to re-inscribe all spells when progressing in a class you have used before
  • Because your Favor is reset, you will get the 25 bonus DDO Store points every 100 favor again in your new life.
  • Since Update 13, your Tomes, including Tomes of Learning, will persist through reincarnation.


  • When TRing into a non-Iconic character, although you start at level 1 on Korthos Island (like newly created characters), you will receive quest-related starter items, but you will not receive Founder items, or pre-order bonuses a second time
  • Bug: Important: Export your friends list before reincarnating and import after to prevent loss of comments.