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Champion status

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Champion status indicates a character that starts with 32 build points, rather than the default 28 (Adventurer status). Characters created with Champion status will have the word "Champion" displayed in their examination panel.

Note that Drow cannot be used in conjunction with Champion status. Drow always have a default of 28 build points, although this can be raised on individual characters (to 30, and then 32) through True Reincarnation.

Champion status can be earned 3 different ways:

  • Account wide, it can be purchased from the DDO Store using 1,495 DDO points. This only affects future character builds, and does not change any existing characters.
  • Per server, it can be earned "for free" by any character in that account earning 1,750 Total Favor. This only affects future character builds, and does not change any existing characters. F2P players cannot earn Champion status this way, as the maximum free favor available is 1,610.
    • Characters that use Lesser Reincarnation after unlocking Champion status in this fashion will gain its effects.
  • It can also be earned by an individual character by True Reincarnating.
    • This is for that character only, and does not grant any other characters on that account, existing or future, Champion status.
    • An Adventurer character who TR's will then have 34 build points for their 2nd life: 32 as a Champion, plus +2 for the first TR.

Champion character on non-VIP account (Premium/Free to Play) can only open quests on Casual, Normal to begin with. Hard, Elite must be unlocked via completion or store purchase.

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