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Racial Completionist

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Note: There are 2 forms of "Completionist" - for the Class Completionist Feat, see that article.

Icon Feat Past Life Completionist.png
Racial Completionist


You're a cultural master! You've leveled to 20 in every race 3 times, and for your efforts you are awarded this Feat in all future incarnations of this character.

This Feat gives a Character:


When more non-iconic races are added, this feat will deactivate and you will need to gain those new past lives before this benefit reactivates.


  • Unlike the Class Completionist Feat, this is (currently) a free feat, auto-granted - no Feat slot need be used. The in-game description does not match this. The in-game description also implies that this feat is achieved after only 1 racial reincarnation with each race, but this is not the case.
  • This Feat stacks with the Class Completionist Feat.

Currently, there are a total of 13 non-Iconic races:

  1. Dwarf1
  2. Elf1/Wood Elf2
  3. Halfling1
  4. Human1
  5. Aasimar
  6. Dragonborn
  7. Drow1, 3
  8. Gnome
  9. Half-Elf
  10. Half-Orc
  11. Warforged
  12. Tiefling
  13. Shifter
1) Only 5 races are Free to Play, the others require VIP status or to be purchased in the DDO Store.
2) Wood Elves cost 795 DDO Points from the store; however, they do share past lives with regular Elves.
3) See Drow for details and options on acquiring that race "for free".

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