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Racial Completionist

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Note: There are 2 forms of "Completionist" - for the Class Completionist Feat, see that article.

Icon Feat Past Life Completionist.png
Racial Completionist


You're a cultural master! You've leveled to 20 in every race 3 times, and for your efforts you are awarded this Feat in all future incarnations of this character.

This Feat gives a Character:


When more non-iconic races are added, this feat will deactivate and you will need to gain those new past lives before this benefit reactivates.


  • Like the Class Completionist Feat, this is (currently) a free feat, auto-granted - no Feat slot need be used. The in-game description does not match this. The in-game description also implies that this feat is achieved after only 1 racial reincarnation with each race, but this is not the case.
  • This Feat stacks with the Class Completionist Feat.

Currently, there are a total of 14 non-Iconic races:

  1. Dwarf
  2. Elf / Wood Elf (grant the same past life feat)
  3. Halfling
  4. Human
  5. Aasimar
  6. Dragonborn
  7. Drow
  8. Gnome
  9. Half-Elf
  10. Half-Orc
  11. Warforged
  12. Tiefling
  13. Shifter
  14. Tabaxi

Most of the races are free to play; Warforged can be unlocked for 400 favor (easy); Aasimar, Shifter, and Tabaxi are free to VIP or can be purchased in the DDO Store, except Tabaxi (part of the Isle of Dread). (Shifter is also available as part of any Fables of the Feywild expansion purchase.)

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