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The Rare Arcane Scroll List

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Most arcane spell scrolls can be purchased from a vendor somewhere in Stormreach*. However, some spells are only available from the trainer when you level up, or if you're lucky enough to find them, in a chest; these are considered "rare" scrolls/spells.

It is also possible to buy rare scrolls from other players, or find them on the Auction House.

* Note: A very few spells are not technically "rare", however they are only purchasable in The Portable Hole, effectively making them rare for any character without access to Teleport. These spells are Master's Touch, Prismatic Ray, Prismatic Spray, Protection from Elements, and Protection from Elements, Mass. These spells are listed in parentheses and marked with an asterisk (*) below.

The easiest way to identify the spell level of a Sorcerer/Wizard scroll is by the Caster Level of the scroll:

Spell Level = (Scroll's Caster Level + 1)/2

Level 1 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 1 scrolls)

Level 2 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 3 scrolls)

Level 3 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 5 scrolls)

Level 4 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 7 scrolls)

Level 5 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 9 scrolls)

Level 6 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 11 scrolls)

Level 7 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 13 scrolls)

Level 8 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 15 scrolls)

No vendor sells level 8 arcane scrolls. All level 8 arcane scrolls are rare:

Level 9 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 17 scrolls)

No vendor sells level 9 arcane scrolls. All level 9 arcane scrolls are rare:

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