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Midwinter Festival

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History shield-book-sword.png
History shield-book-sword.png
This event was retired in 2021. It has been replaced by the Snowpeaks Festival.
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The Cormyrian Midwinter festival or Midwinter Ice Races was a seasonal event held in the iced-over Starwater River of Eveningstar, coincidentally conducted around the same time of year as the Risia Ice Games. Adventurers could run through the course of ice & illusions to compete for prizes.

Related Items[edit]

  • Ice Skates
    • Permanent version (DDO Store only)
    • Rental Skates that you get from an NPC last for 10 minutes. Ned Chilblain (NPC in Harbor) sells them for 10 White Coins, Maglenna Lurelake (NPC in Eveningstar) sells them for 50 Motes of Winter.
    • Maglenna Lurelake (Eveningstar) gives you a set of Rental Skates for free once per day.
  • Free Midwinter Spirit
    Free daily token
    • Required to play the mini-game. Handed from the NPC Brace Bullhorns on the southeastern foot bridge into Eveningstar, just like Universal Challenge Tokens: resets daily at Midnight GMT (7 PM Eastern Standard Time).
    • Each day Brace will give free tokens to participate in the race based on your account status:
      • Free players can receive 2 tokens per day
      • Premium players can receive 3 tokens/day
      • VIP players can receive 4 tokens/day
    • These are BtC but the per day limit is per Server, not per character. So it is important to switch to your ideal character (Phiarlan Pendant of Time/striding speed/jump skill/Abundant Step) before taking them.
  • Midwinter Spirit (DDO Store only)
    • Additional token purchased for DDO Points.
      • 1 Midwinter Spirit for 20 DP
      • 10 Midwinter Spirit for 180 DP
  • Hot Cider/Hearty Cider (DDO Store only) - teleport token just like Hot Cocoa from the Risia Ice Games.
  • Moteofwinter.png Motes of Winter (alternatively mentioned as Midwinter Motes sometimes but it's the same thing)
  • Recipes (different from Risia Ice Games ones, look like Epic Scrolls)

Midwinter Ice Races[edit]

"Snowy" Eveningstar, NPCs and the mini-game starting point

How the mini-game works:


  • Snow Flakes - There are four types of snowflakes, each worth different amounts of points.
    • Bronze - 1 point
    • Silver - 13 points
    • Gold - 27 points
    • Purple - 42 points
  • Finishing the Course in the 3 minutes time limit - 100 points (The double points works on this also, so +200 if you complete while you have it)


These will be randomly located about the course like the snowflakes, touch them to activate.

  • Super Speed Boost (Green orb) - Effect: +30% Melee speed, +50% enhancement bonus to Run speed, Duration: 6 seconds.
  • Super Jump (Blue orb) - Effect: +30 jump skill, moon jump and Feather Fall, Duration: 4 seconds, similar to the buff as found in Challenges, though shorter duration. Jumping super high is necessary to collect a couple of the static purple snowflakes now, so get these and time your jumps well.
  • Double Points (Appears as a large bright white spark randomly) - Duration: 15 seconds
  • Midwinter Vole (CR 23, Animal type, Rat race) - Hit any of these once to get both Double Points and Super Speed instantly. They can be killed, but are not intended to be, as they have several thousand hit points and give no reward for being killed. A single melee or ranged hit, even a grazing hit, will be enough to trigger the buff. So, have auto-targeting enabled and a ranged weapon equipped to easily hit them from a distance as you skate.

Game Score and Reward Tier[edit]

When Brace's buff wears off or you've completed the race, you’ll receive rewards like midwinter motes & recipes based on how well you scored.

  • There is no reward for how much time is left on Brace's buff, so it is best to complete with as little time left as you can.

Motes received are always 1/3 Score point rounded down. Lower scores tend to grant lower-tier Recipes, however there is a large random element. Raw data is tracked in here.

Your rewards, both recipes and motes, are rewarded automatically, so you do not need to speak to any NPC's or even bother crossing the "finish line" if you don't want to. This makes farming low-value recipes very quick - simply get however many points you care to near the start, then leave the course and step into the entrance to Eveningstar cavern (southern edge of the map, near the start line). This will end the timer and give you your reward, and if you want (and have another token) you can then step back out and start again. The lowest value recipes seem to drop well with 4 points (or perhaps less).

Turn-in Rewards[edit]

Speak with Jolias Leftfield at the finish line, who will offer you barter UI trades for your rewards.

Item Cost Description
Polar Bear Cub Certificate 10,000 Motes Creature Companion
50 Midwinter Snowballs 500 Motes Thrown weapon
Lolth, The Spider Queen Cookie 280 Motes gives "Lolth's Blessing"
Owlbear Cookie 280 Motes gives "strength and hardiness of 100 angry owlbears"
  • +4 Rage strength and constitution
  • Goes in the Cookie Jar
Shadow Cookie 280 Motes casts Superior Nihil
  • +25 Alchemical Negative energy spellpower
  • Goes in the Cookie Jar
Shar, Mistress of the Night Cookie 120 Motes blinds nearby enemies for a short time
  • Goes in the Cookie Jar
Potion of Fire Shield (Warm)/(Cool) 120 Motes Fire Shield (Fire)/(Cold) ML: 18, CL:20
Potion of Resist Fire/Cold 30 60 Motes ML: 10, CL:11
Greater Potion of Protection from Fire/Cold 90 Motes Protection from Energy ML: 18, CL:20 (120 absorbed)
Midwinter Upgrade:
Festival Fire/Cold Resistance
-1 Item (Armor/Robe/Shield/Cosmetic Armor/Cosmetic Cloak/Cosmetic Helm only), Recipe, 45 Motes Festival Fire/Cold Resistance (Insight bonus) added to your randomly-generated, Cannith Crafted, or Cosmetic items.

Note: You cannot have both the Festival Fire and Cold Resistance on a given item at the same time.

-3 Item, Recipe, 90 Motes (135 cumulatively)
-5 Item, Recipe, 180 Motes (315 cumulatively)
-7 Item, Recipe, 360 Motes (675 cumulatively)
-10 Item, Recipe, 720 Motes (1,395 cumulatively)
Midwinter Upgrade:
Festival Glaciation
(equipment bonus, does not stack with other equipment bonuses)
30 (no ML) Item (Armor/Robe/Shield/Cosmetic Armor/Cosmetic Helm only), Recipe, 45 Motes Equipment bonus to cold Spell Power added to your randomly-generated, Cannith Crafted, or Cosmetic items.
Festival Glaciation on a shield (but not on armor) gives it an implement bonus as well.
Does not work on Mirror of Glamering items, only cosmetic items bought directly from the DDO Store and the Ragged Rags from the Wheloon explorer area.
Note: Festival Glaciation will increase the minimum level of your item to the value listed in parentheses.
36 (ML: 2) Item, Recipe, 62 Motes (107 cumulatively)
42 (ML: 4) Item, Recipe, 90 Motes (197 cumulatively)
48 (ML: 6) Item, Recipe, 122 Motes (319 cumulatively)
54 (ML: 8) Item, Recipe, 125 Motes (444 cumulatively)
60 (ML: 10) Item, Recipe, 180 Motes (624 cumulatively)
66 (ML: 12) Item, Recipe, 202 Motes (826 cumulatively)
72 (ML: 14) Item, Recipe, 245 Motes (1,071 cumulatively)
78 (ML: 16) Item, Recipe, 250 Motes (1,321 cumulatively)
84 (ML: 18) Item, Recipe, 320 Motes (1,641 cumulatively)
90 (ML: 20) Item, Recipe, 360 Motes (2,001 cumulatively)
96 (ML: 21) Item, Recipe, 405 Motes (2,406 cumulatively)
102 (ML: 22) Item, Recipe, 490 Motes (2,896 cumulatively)
108 (ML: 23) Item, Recipe, 500 Motes (3,396 cumulatively)
114 (ML: 24) Item, Recipe, 640 Motes (4,036 cumulatively)
120 (ML: 25) Item, Recipe, 720 Motes (4,756 cumulatively)


  • Only randomly generated or Cannith Crafted items can be upgraded in this manner - no Named items.
  • Festival Fire/Cold Resistances don't stack with an armor prefix effect, called Primal. They do stack with Resist Energy spell, guild ship buff, and the "regular" Elemental Resistance items. You cannot have both the Festival Fire and Cold Resistance on a given item at the same time. If you add Festival Fire Resistance to an item that already has Festival Cold Resistance, the Festival Cold Resistance will disappear.
  • Equipment Disjunction removes festival item upgrades.
  • Bug: (former developer) Feather_of_Sun stated their intention was to let players get their Festival Glaciation weapon from Risia Ice Games first (up to Glaciation 78) then upgrade it in this event (up to 120). However, many players reported that Jolias Leftfield's barter UI rejects any kind of weapon.DDO Forums
Originally Posted by (former developer) Feather_of_Sun Source

Eveningstar's Midwinter Festival recipes function on shields, armor, robes, and outfits.

I believe you can also use the Midwinter Festival's Glaciation recipes to further increase Festival Glaciation that you have already placed on a weapon through the Ice Games recipes.

  • UPDATES: From Developer Feather_of_Sun (posted 01-08-2013, 01:05 PM)
Originally Posted by (former developer) Feather_of_Sun Source

I said I believed that to be the case, but I was unfortunately incorrect. I apologize for the accidental misinformation. It's not a bug. The Midwinter recipes are intended to only work on armor, outfits, robes, and shields [but not weapons].

Originally Posted by (former developer) Feather_of_Sun Source

"They should work on docents too. If they don't, that would be a bug."



  • November 30 - Lamannia server preview
  • December 16 - went on Live server, as not yet complete: some DDO Store items missing, some chat options missing/buggy, this probably was unintentional.
  • January 7 through 27th - officially went live (some chat options still missing/buggy)


  • January 16 through February 17
  • Stealth change: Recipes now work on Cosmetic Armor and Cosmetic Helm.


  • January 25 through February 7


  • January 30 through February 11


  • December 12 through January 5
    • This was the event's final run; it was replaced by the Snowpeaks Festival the following year.

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