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Type: Ooze (List)

Race: Arcane Ooze (List)

Monster Manual classification: Ooze

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Boss: Red Named - Quest Boss

CR:  ♠14Elite

Attack: Squish squish (Bludgeoning and Acid damage)

Special Qualities: Ooze Traits, Dexterity Damage Ward (Bosses cannot take more than 10 points of ability damage or be reduced below 1.)

Habitat: The Pit

Description: This boss is optional. Acid, fire and negative energy will heal it. Immune to cold, electricity, force, sonic, evil and poison - that leaves Light, Good, Law, and Chaos.

For those wizards that like to solo this quest note that he is vulnerable to Cyclonic Blast, Disintegrate, the bludgeoning damage from Ice Storm (scrolls of which can be used as early as level 5), and physical damage from a summoned monster (Bearded Devil from Summon Monster V is a great choice due to his fire and acid resistances).

Similar to Muck from Durk's Got a Secret, this boss guards a chest that may contain Muck's Doom.