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Monster Champion

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Burning crown identifies a monster champion; the color of that crown signifies how dangerous they are.

Introduced in Update 24 and reworked in Update 34, some enemies gain randomized buffs on Hard, Elite, and Reaper difficulties in quests with an effective level of 5 or higher (i.e. starting with level 4 quests on Hard difficulty, and level 3 quests on Elite or Reaper). These enemies are called Champions, and they have a visible crown above their head to mark them. Monster Champions do not directly spawn in any raid (the champions in Legendary Shroud's Part 5 are granted champion buffs but are not champions proper), nor do they appear at all in any wilderness area or quest on Solo, Casual, and Normal difficulty.


Not all champions are alike - some are tougher, some are a lot tougher, and any can have different abilities (see below). The more dangerous champions are only encountered in the higher difficulty settings, and low difficulty will have no champions.

  • Casual/Normal - no champions
  • Hard - Tier 1 only
  • Elite - Tier 1 and 2
  • Reaper - Tier 1, 2 or 3

The color and size of a champion's crown designate whether the Champion is Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3:

  • A small yellow crown indicates it is Tier 1
  • A medium orange crown indicates it is Tier 2. These are mini-bosses that have been upgraded to Champions.
  • A large red crown indicates it is Tier 3

Spawn rate[edit]

  • Hard
    • Normal monsters: 6%
    • Orange-named monsters (mini-bosses): 33%
  • Elite & Reaper
    • Normal monsters: 9%
    • Orange-named monsters (mini-bosses): 66% (DDO Forums)


When defeated, champions have a chance to drop Mysterious Remnants

  • Regular (yellow) champions have a chance to drop Mysterious Remnants, which will appear at the feet* of the character that delivered the killing blow. Similar to treasure bags, any and all characters can "use" these remnants to collect them, even characters entering a quest after that champion is killed. These remnants only last in place for a minute or so, then disappear.
    * This includes if the character is in mid-jump or mid-fall. In these situations, remnants will be suspended mid-air, occasionally making them challenging to collect.
  • Mini-boss (orange) champions have a chance to drop a chest when defeated, which will always include Mysterious Remnants along with randomly generated treasure appropriate to the modified level of the quest. These chests remain for the duration of the quest, and, similar to any other chest, are only collectable by characters that are in the quest when the chest is first opened.
  • Drop rates:


Champions come in 20 different varieties, and it's random which type will be applied to any one champion. Each variety will have their own template of abilities based on a theme (inspired by the Outer and Inner Planes where they get these powers). Players can see the kind of Champion they are facing by looking at the creature's title, and additional detail can be found in the examination window.

Note that many* have True Sight, making such common tactics as Invisibility ineffective against them.

(* 7-8/20 of yellow-crown champions, 10-11/20 of orange-crown, and 15-16/20 of red-crown; note that Mark of Chaos champions are largely randomly generated, and it is unknown what percentage chance they have for this ability, potentially adding a full +1 to the minimum listed values.)
Plane Theme Tier 1 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 3 Vulnerability?
Aboreian Arborea - Righteous Anger and Passion True Sight Short damage boost at half health Mind Block Second Wind Great Sunder None
Archeron Acheron - Land of endless battle, pro melee/missile (misspelled) Fortification Great Sunder Second Wind Dodge Bypass Fort Bypass None
Beast Mark Beastlands - animal instincts make me stronger, faster. Dodge Dodge bypass True Sight Second Wind Fort Bypass None
Cruel Soul Gehenna - land of greed/ambition Acid DoT True Sight Mind Block 2nd Acid DoT See Invisibility None
Demon Soul Abyss - chaotic demon Resist Lightning/Poison True Sight On hit: Poison Poison DoT TBD Good
Elemental Fury Chaos Elemental - random elemental resistance and damage Random Elemental Resist On hit: random elemental damage rand dw/knock/fom/Fort True Sight Fire DoT None
Fey Touched Feywild - blurry, nimble and immune to enchants and illusions Blur True Sight Enchantment Ward Dodge Save debuff None
Flame Born Fire - Fire On hit: Fire Resist Fire Deathblock Fire DoT True Sight Cold
Hero’s Soul Ysgard - Valhalla ish - undying hero Fortification Dodge Deathblock Unyielding Sovereignty at half health Knockdown Immunity None
Infernal Pact 9 Hells - devil pact Resist Fire/Poison True Sight Fortification Bypass Fire DoT Vulnerability Good
Light Bearer Mount Celestia - Heavenly & lawful True Sight Unyielding Sovereignty at half health Deathblock Uncanny Aim (always strike true) On hit: Light Negative
Mark of Chaos Limbo - Chaos, I roll random effects random effect TBD random effect TBD TBD Lawful
Mark of Law Mechanus - Lawful clockworks, machine-like thinking On hit: Force True Sight Mind Block Dodge Bypass Deathblock Chaos
Pandemonium Pandemonium - I'm crazy, and I make you crazy Mind Block On hit: Slow Vulnerability on hit Healing debuff Displacement Lawful
Shadow Marked Shadowfell....neg energy Incorporeality Resist Negative Deathblock Healing debuff True Sight Light
Skyborn Air - lightning damage/Resist and Freedom of Movement On hit: Electric Resist Lightning Freedom of Movement Electric DoT Deflect Arrows Acid
Souless Carceri - My soul is locked in the prison plane, won’t you join me? On hit: Slow TBD True Sight Save debuff Uncanny Aim None
Soul of Ice Water - Freezing On hit: Cold Resist Cold On hit: Slow Cold DoT True Sight Fire
Stoneguard Earth - can't knock down and physically resistant Resist Acid Resist Pierce/Slash Knockdown immunity Vulnerability True Sight Electric
Stygian Hades - Death, despair, don’t look back… Deathblock Resist Negative On hit: Slow Save debuff Healing debuff None

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The Night Revels[edit]

Halloween crown

During the Halloween event, Champions crowns show a little jack o'lantern under the usual crown of fire.

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