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Multiboxing (or multi-logging) is having the ability to play multiple characters at the same time, either on the same or different computers. Since the majority of needs only require 2 characters, this is often loosely called "dual-boxing", even if sometimes more than 2 are involved. Logging in to different accounts and running multiple characters at the same time is perfectly legal in DDO*, and solves a number of problems, including having an opener for Elite level quests, exchanging items between characters, holding items (aka "mules"), and so on.

(* It is not legal to post in the DDO Forums using multiple accounts. You will be caught, and you will suffer forum penalties.)

From two or more computers[edit]

It's as you would expect - log in to diff accounts with each, and you're good.

(Note that attempting to log into the same account again will simply bump you back to the log-in screen with an error stating "Your account is busy...", and bump that currently open game back to the character selection screen. This is true for single-computer as well - see next.)

From one computer[edit]

Simply launch the DDO game client as normal. The DDO game launcher has a dropdown menu (arrow near upper right corner)...

  1. select the Options menu
  2. Select the General tab there
  3. make sure the "Allow multiple game instances" option is checked

After you've logged in to your first account, use Alt + Tab to switch back to your desktop view, and log in to your 2nd account. Once multiple instances of the game are up, use Alt + Tab to cycle through them. Repeat this as many times as you need to (up to the limit that your graphics card can handle - ymmv). (In Windows, once you have 2 or more instances of the game open, you may have to use Ctrl + Alt + Del to get back to your desktop view.)

On one computer, only a single instance of the game can run in the graphic mode "Full screen (windowed)". Other instances will silently fail to start. (DDO Forums).


There have been some builds designed to be generic all around utilitarian builds for multiboxing purposes.