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Demon of the Frenzied Blood

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Demon of the Frenzied Blood.jpg

Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Demon (List)

Sub-race: Hezrou (List)

Monster Manual classification: Hezrou

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Color Type: Red - Strong Named Enemy

Rare: No

CR:  ♦17Normal ♥22Hard ♠24Elite ♦25Epic Normal ♥34Epic Hard

Attack: Slam (Bludgeoning), Spellcasting (Chaotic Spells)

Special Qualities: DR  ♦15Epic Normal/Good, Immunity to Electricity and poison, Resistance to Cold 20+ and Fire 20+


Description: Demon of the Frenzied Blood is an optional red named hezrou encountered in Into the Deep. You can destroy him either before or after the quest is complete, though the storyline recommends doing so after. And that is also required on epic difficulty as you would otherwise not be able to loot the epic chest he holds if the quest was not complete. He has a massive amount of hitpoints and is very challenging. The tar like sludge he is standing in damages party members and heals him. He opens Unstable Portals that summon Fire Reavers, a very strong caster can kill all the portals before they can summon any fire reavers. A decent caster can at least keep the reavers occupied while the party takes on the Demon.

When the party is overwhelmed, pick up stones and dimension door to the entrance (don't leave the quest). You can shrine up there and return to the fight; hezrou will not regenerate much but the portals/reavers will be gone (for a while).