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Example of a minotaur about to try knockdown attack

Knockdown is a special attack of certain monsters, e.g. dogs and wolves (including the mechanical ones), air elementals, minotaur, similar to the trip maneuver, that renders opponents prone.

The knockdown effect may also be seen in the Cometfall spell cast by cleric-type monsters. The knockdown effect is considered non-magical in nature, so players with bonuses to saves against magic such as Dwarves, are more susceptible to being successfully knockdowned than they are to the damage portion of the spell.

Other spells/melee special attacks with a knockdown component:

  • To defend versus knockdown, increase your AC and miss chance so that the attack does not land.
  • Once down, Balance can help you get up faster.
Knockdown immunity

This does not work against all sources of knockdown.

Creature Entries[edit]

The following creatures have been confirmed to be capable of Knockdown:

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  1. Fire Giant
  2. Hill Giant
  3. Thaarak Hound
  4. Rusty Iron Defender
  5. Hill Giant Hunter
  6. Insgadreer
  7. Minotaur Berserker
  8. General Xanti'lar
  9. Pious Grew'el
  10. Zared Mightyhoof
  11. Fire Giant Captain
  12. Hill Giant Lieutenant
  13. Tor'gahn
  14. Ortadar
  15. Hill Giant Soothsayer
  16. Fire Giant Slayer
  17. Fire Giant Champion
  18. Ingstoldt
  19. Angog the Champion
  20. Minotaur Page
  21. Arach's Knight
  22. Queen Lailat
  23. Fiendish Lion
  24. Fen Cat
  25. Kroksh
  26. Razor Cat
  27. Air Elemental
  28. Bezekira
  29. Whirling Ozann
  30. Grundaussir
  31. Giant Skeleton
  32. Giant Skeleton Warrior
  33. Fiend-Blood Lion
  34. Kudgel
  35. Stone Guardian
  36. Scorchtusk
  37. Captain Two Stone
  38. Chief Ogh
  39. Twinfang
  40. Kithba
  41. Helos
  42. Khyber Jarilith
  43. Giismekhan
  44. Guardian Panther
  45. Astral Panther
  46. Bashevis
  47. Frenzied Bezekira
  48. Halsaime
  49. Stone Giant Captain
  50. Hill Giant Sergeant
  51. Portal Keeper (fire giant)
  52. Gatekeeper
  53. Forsworn Aspirant
  54. Forsworn Liege-Lord
  55. Stormsworn Berserker
  56. Stormsworn Pyromancer
  57. Stormsworn Earthcaller
  58. Griffon Graves
  59. Twilight Lion
  60. Ancient Element of Air
  61. Twilight Lioness
  62. Oakarm
  63. Restless Lion
  64. Thum Grim
  65. Nale Grim
  66. Ancient Giant Wizard
  67. First Mate
  68. Air Elemental Guard
  69. Brack
  70. Chained Lightning
  71. Druuhl
  72. Mannth
  73. Prodigal Air Elemental
  74. Ghelere
  75. Skanaal
  76. Stone Giant Elder
  77. Confused Spirit
  78. Mudfoot
  79. Crooktooth (Razor Cat)
  80. Illusionary Lion
  81. Mountain Lion
  82. Skeletal Giant
  83. Frenzied Wolf
  84. Minotaur Wrestler
  85. Ahnold the Hungry
  86. Element of Air
  87. Elder Air Elemental
  88. Spirit of the Sky
  89. Fury-Horn Minotaur
  90. Giant Skeleton Barbarian
  91. Ancient Air Elemental
  92. Hill Giant Shaman
  93. Hill Giant Warrior
  94. Gorehoof
  95. Glumdalclunk
  96. Bound Air Elemental
  97. Syrania Air Elemental
  98. Chieftain Uggorn
  99. Panther (monster)
  100. Jungle Panther
  101. Rahab
  102. Nodeborn Air Elemental
  103. Temple Air Elemental
  104. Vyman
  105. Cragmore the Adamant
  106. Tempest
  107. Frall the Burning
  108. Alazorun the Djinn
  109. Ogre Commander
  110. Air Elemental Door Guardian
  111. Giant Savage
  112. Hill Giant Brute
  113. Whirling Air Elemental
  114. Decaying Battlerager
  115. Hellcat Invader
  116. Mrr'Dred
  117. Trial Challenger
  118. Trundlefoot
  119. Fire Giant Soldier
  120. Fire Giant Warlock
  121. Minotaur Skeleton
  122. Lord Harryhausen
  123. Boromar Smuggler
  124. Suziar
  125. Cloud Spirit
  126. Thug (minotaur)
  127. Denial
  128. Hill Giant Scavenger
  129. Stone Giant Scavenger