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Category:Minor game bugs

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Page Bug Description
Against the Demon Queen (quest) When the Rakshasa is defeated, both portcullises open (and both levers lock!), allowing you to return to the central area. But, after the Glyph is used but before the Rakshasa is defeated, the levers can still be pulled, starting the timer to close them again, likely locking everyone behind that gate, and then only Dimensional Door can get you out without reentry. So do not use any levers in the Monkey wing after someone starts the fight, the first lever might lock you in and the second lever triggers a disjunction effect in the Rakshasa room.
Artificer Knowledge Currently Artificer Knowledge's UMD check bonus works, but doesn't display correctly, which is deceptive. In game, the "Chance to Activate" on the item description reads higher than is correct. The chance to activate does actually increase as it's supposed to, but if the description says "100%", there is in fact a 10% chance to you will fail to activate.
Artificer Knowledge Same as Scrolls goes with Wands. +2 to UMD check won't work, only work on item description.
Astral Shard Astral Diamond barter UI states Shards generated are BtC but it's a simple text error.
Augment Slot If an item's ML is raised by a higher ML augment, and then that augment is removed or replaced by a lower level augment, the item's ML will not lower until after the character relogs.
Best Laid Plans If VIctor isn't talking, it's possible one or more of the forgewraiths got "lost" in combat. Go back to the office and all the lower rooms and find them (or let them find you) and kill them. Once all are dead, Victor will be heard to cry "All right, don't do anything rash. I'm coming out. Perhaps we can make a deal...", which signals the end of combat, and speaking to him will end the quest and unseal the end chest.
Blade Barrier There is a display bug that blade barrier may render very thin and be difficult to see. If you look really hard, you can still see it faintly as if it is spinning much faster than it should be. This causes no change in its effectiveness, other than a little extra difficulty for the caster to properly space them out so as to not overlap them.
Brothers of the Forge Talbron will occasionally get stuck (one incident witnessed, likely due to a momentary loss of Internet connection), but not having him nearby doesn't seem to impede quest completion (he won't help/hamper, though).
Butter-Rum Coffee Boost Description should read "piratical vigor" instead of "nocturnal vigor", which looks like a copy-and-paste from Night-Black Coffee Boost.
Dagobard Kell The tooltip in the barter box incorrectly asks for Xorian Runes instead of Tempest Runes like it should.
Delirium If you talk to Scratchy Cranshaw too quickly after he revives, he may not drop key. To avoid this, wait for his name to reappear above his head before talking to him.
Delirium It's possible that a flying tile will follow a character to the area with the chest under the crates. If a tile goes "missing", look for it there.
Deprecated templates
Eebilsteenk The chalice checkmark does not appear above the NPC's head after quest completion. Thankfully, the yellow checkmark shows on the map allowing you to locate the NPC.
Epic Barbette's Bracer "maning" → "manning" spelling typo
Epic Fury of the Flame Material type listed as Steel in the durability box, but the weapon is actually Adamantine in terms of everything else - appearance, enchantment, DR breaking and hardness.
Epic Tourney Armor Material type listed as Steel in the durability box, but the armor is actually Mithral in terms of armor check, max dex and arcane spell failure; however, it maintains the 50lbs weight of regular Full Plate instead of the normal Mithral 25lbs.
Evil Guard Evil Guard claims it is a 1d12 effect in the combat log when you equip an item with it, yet it functions as a 1d8 effect per the description.
Fire Trap Lasts a full 60 seconds instead of the stated 30 seconds.
Fountain of Necrotic Might For all items with clicky charges except the Litany of the Dead and Purging the Pantheon, the altar claims the items gain more charges than they actually gain (the amount of extra charges you don't get is equal to the base amount).
Free Delera After completing this quest, Derek Grospic rewards you with a chain completion item (as noted above) and the three goblets above his head turn blue, which should indicate that you have completed the chain and can reacquire it. However you have not completed it, and can not reacquire the chain until you do complete the remaining two quests in the chain.
Gerard's Mail Material type listed as Steel in the durability box, but the armor is actually Mithral in terms of armor check, max dex and arcane spell failure; however, it still weighs the steel 25lbs instead of the normal 12lbs.
Gladewatch Outpost Defense It is unclear if this is by working as intended or just an oversight, but upon completion, if you exit via the door, you exit the quest in front of Guard Crichton in the Harbor - the quest giver for Kobold Assault, the other quest that takes place on the Gladewatch Outpost map. You'll have to go back to the north Marketplace to get your reward from Loghan d'Deneith. If you choose "Finish", you exit where you entered the quest.
Grandmaster of Forms Text reads a 12% dodge bonus to Armor Class
Haste You receive a +1 untyped bonus instead of enhancement on attack rolls.
Heal, Mass The official description is wrong about the caster level cap (it lists 15). It scales to CL25, per the PnP version.
Homunculus Some effects (from gear or training) don't take effect until the pet has been dismissed and recreated, for example, Vitality.
Homunculus Pets and quests that are in Wilderness areas do not always interact well. If a pet is "parked" (ordered to "stand ground", i.e. hold position) in a quest, and that quest exits into a Wilderness area, you must order your pet to teleport to you before entering another quest or exiting the wilderness area. Failure to do so will result in losing the pet's command bar, but not being able to re-summon/revive/call the iron defender. Quickly logging out and back in will allow you to summon the pet and continue as normal. Once the pet is not parked, they should follow you as normal.
I Dream of Jeets Modius frequently moves into a wall and won't come out so you cannot finish. Boxing him in in the middle of the spa may work, but he has been observed actually teleporting from the middle of the room into a wall.
Inquisitive enhancements As of this posting (mid-July, '19), some enhancements work with all non-repeating crossbows, including Great Crossbows. The in-game tooltip and math matches this. Unclear if this is working as intended or not.
Leathers of the Celestial Archer The screenshot for this armor displays the incorrect max dex bonus; the correct number should be 22.
Leathers of the Celestial Archer The screenshot for this armor displays Distant Diversion 22%, and the text description is the one for 20% melee threat reduction; the correct description is 22% ranged threat reduction.
Magical Training/sandbox Currently Magical Training does not list Warlocks although they are auto-granted this feat at 1st level.

Magical Training Missing Warlock.jpg

Ogre Bloodcaller Ogre Bloodcaller's weapons and armor are not always shown.
Olyn Araphyr Take the High Road and then head to The Blooded Wood. Once of our agents will meet you there. He'll take your scroll pieces, and tell you where can find the Netherese base where they are trying to re-assemble the scroll.
Orc Archer Slam (typed as slashing instead of bludgeoning.)
Orc Battle Priest Quarterstaff (typed as slashing instead of bludgeoning.)
Pirates of the Thunder Sea Some NPC's above-the-head checkmark are missing/bugged, you may still collect rewards from them.
Power Word: Stun The school is listed as conjuration in-game when it should be enchantment. This has no impact on gameplay, however, since it features no save.
Power Word: Stun/sandbox The school is listed as conjuration in-game when it should be enchantment. This has no impact on gameplay, however, since it features no save.
Prince Gornard Longbow (invisible, does ranged piercing damage)
Pseudodragon Pseudodragon Venom duration that doesn't show up in your debuff bar
Racial Completionist/sandbox Unlike the Class Completionist Feat, this is (currently) a free feat, auto-granted - no Feat slot need be used. The in-game description does not match this. The in-game description also implies that this feat is achieved after only 1 racial reincarnation with each race, but this is not the case.
Red Rain Zeleth has a unique sense of direction. Just ignore her directions and follow your nose (or the map).
Rock Shattering Monsters killed by this effect are listed under Misadventure in the kills section of the experience log.
Sanda Lir Jumping in between her and her pet wolf will get your character stuck against the fence permanently falling
Sands of Menechtarun Wokran-Kull is misspelled as "Workan-Kull"
Secret of the Slavers' Stockade Note that this quest WILL allow you to enter Part 3 without having officially completed this part by picking up the map on Markessa's table, thereby forfeiting completion XP and requiring a do-over for the arc-end reward.
Shintao enhancements Actual ki cost is 0.
Shintao enhancements Uses Intimdate instead of Concentration.
Shintao enhancements The in-game description states that this effect only takes place while Earth Stance is active. It has been tested to work in Ocean Stance, and presumably also works in the other stances.
Shintao enhancements/sandbox Actual ki cost is 0.
Shintao enhancements/sandbox Uses Intimdate instead of Concentration.
Shintao enhancements/sandbox The in-game description states that this effect only takes place while Earth Stance is active. It has been tested to work in Ocean Stance, and presumably also works in the other stances.
Swashbuckler enhancements Blow By Blow sonic damage doesn't scale with spell power as it is claimed to.
Swashbuckler enhancements Dashing Scoundrel gives 6 damage regardless of level.
Swashbuckler enhancements Does not require Swashbuckling. It may be used with non finesse weapon.[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"Does not require Swashbuckling. It may be used with non finesse weapon." has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!] Tested in Game with Bastard Sword and Buckler, SWF attack speed and Shield Mastery bonuses were maintained. The swashbuckling bonuses (+10 Dodge) are not applied.
Swashbuckler enhancements Resonant Arms gives 2d6 instead of the claimed 1d6 on the first tier.
Swashbuckler enhancements Loud and Clear is turned off if you toggle swashbuckling off/on and sometimes on logout. To fix un-equip and re-equip your orb. You will see a buff icon if it's working.
Tad Hardcastle Unless you have spent at least 1 Action Point in Tumble, you will only be able to do single somersaults, despite your total Tumble skill being 10 or more.
The Borderlands One of the locations for the spider crest, a small pile of stones, will give a "spider crest blocked" message if you are standing directly on/near it. You must stand a short distance from it to take it.
The Missing Party Killing Delera Omaren counts as an Omaren Guardian kill even though she isn't one.
The Newcomers Water doesn't extend all the way to the edge of its area and looks odd.
The Old Archives Only one person needs to speak to Graylight to earn the +5% xp for all in the party.
The Shadow Crypt Low graphics quality can remove the banner, making it impossible to know which room it is. Use Ctrl+o to adjust your graphics quality.
The Titan Awakes Sometimes pillars will fall without being attacked by the player at all (possibly by being killed by another falling pillar).
The Titan Awakes There is a graphic bug that won't show the red dot from the laser on the floor in the right position. If this occurs just tilt to "watch" the top/ceiling and then back down to the laser point on the floor and it should be in the right position.
The Voyage If you consume an XP gem (from the daily rolls) while aboard the ship, the ship will only deposit you in The Marketplace. If you intend to start as Level 1, consume any XP gems after arriving at The Grotto quest.
Thrall of the Necromancer When fighting the necromancer at the end, as soon as you kill him, most of the undead in the room will die as well. Therefore it's usually a good idea for everyone to focus on him first - however avoid killing him too quick, as if you kill him in under ~2 seconds, the script that kills all his undead minions will not activate.
Toxic Treatment "Ornate Mithral Lock" supposedly appears in a "random" spot in the quest but it has never been reported found. The "key" that Captain Ranimar drops is not an item, so it will not show in anyone's pack. The key is working as intended, according to devs.
Toxic Treatment If you do not push west on the way up, it's possible to get stuck against the roof in the reverse-gravity area, and not be able to get down.
Toxic Treatment If you release and re-enter, the boss fight may not re-open, rendering the quest incompletable.
Toxic Treatment If, after completing all 5 quests, you close the arc reward list without choosing something, that list is not offered again you lose that reward.
Turn Undead The enhancement Mighty Turning (RS) can add 1 point to your turning level.
Turn Undead The enhancement Mighty Turning (RS) can add 2 total hit dice.
Turn Undead/sandbox The enhancement Mighty Turning (RS) can add 1 point to your turning level.
Turn Undead/sandbox The enhancement Mighty Turning (RS) can add 2 total hit dice.
Tutorial: How to advance your character Druid and Artificer characters can not acquire this quest because their trainers do not bestow or act as a contact for any of the Korthos Tutorial Quests.
Tutorial: How to advance your character The Journal and NPC dialogue will claim you have Action Points to spend even if you do not.
Update 29 randomly generated loot At the time of this update, many enchantments were bugged and showed up with a +0 bonus, and some still rarely do (eee "update" comment). This does not appear to affect the item's Minimum Level, for better or worse.
   Update: Most have been fixed, but some few older reward lists can still produce this +0 bug.
Verik's Necklace "Kensei" is misspelled "Kensai".
Verik's Ring "Kensei" is misspelled "Kensai".
Warforged Bandit Bug: Sword sword typed as slashing instead of piercing.
Warforged Man-at-Arms Bug: Longsword typed as bludgeoning instead of slashing
Welcome to Korthos After quest completion, the summary states "You have met Sigmund Bauerson, owner of the Wavecrest Tavern. He is in charge of the local resistance, and has work for you." You do not need to talk to Sigmund Bauerson to complete this quest.
Where There's Smoke... The actual enemy that spawns is named Taknor
Where There's Smoke... The optional incorrectly calls him Takmul.
Wildman Chief Both the shortsword and the bite seem to deal slashing damage on some attacks and piercing damage on the rest of the attacks, even though usually weapons either deal one type of physical damage or more than one type at the same time, not alternating.
Wokran-Kull Wokran-Kull is spelled as "Workan-Kull" in the in-game Experience report and Quest journal windows.

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