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Update 37 named items

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Vampire Hunter cosmetic set, Animated Scarecrow, Raven

The Ravenloft expansion (Update 37) will have a lot of gear:

  • lot of cool things in Ravenloft, such as a new Divine Vengeance that scales to level 30 and it's a greatsword (Lynn )

Sentient weapons[edit]

Ask the Devs podcast summarized by Gargoyle69:

Sentient weapons are no longer going to be something that levels up with you, it's now going to be an end-game only thing. The reason is that the devs stated that they realise that there is currently little incentive or reason to stay and play at cap, and that it is going to be their focus for a while to give people incentives to stay and play at cap and that the sentient weapons is an opportunity for them to do that.
Also, the mechanical & flavour elements of sentient weapons will be decoupled, so that you will be free to choose your weapons personality/voice and abilities separately. The reason for this was b/c it is their intention is that you won't be put in a situation where you feel forced to choose a personality that really annoys you just b/c it's abilities are deemed the most optimal for your build, which could happen if they were packaged together. (That is, of course, unless Cordo & Torc get their way and the most powerful weapon has the personality of a kobold ...... ).


We'll have a lot more on Sentient Weapons as we get closer to release, but they will be high-level items acquired through the Ravenloft content, and their personality will be separated from the rest of the item so you can select the item you want and the personality you want. At it's core we are using an Augment-like system for both personality and benefit.

Lamannia preview[edit]

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