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Update 25 named items

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The Temple of Elemental Evil Part One and Part Two[edit]

Standard named items[edit]

The following items are found in the rare encounter and end chests in both Temple of Elemental Evil Part One and Temple of Elemental Evil Part Two, as well as in the pyramid chest of part 2. The drop rate is higher in the rare encounter chests than the end chests.

The items may include none, one or both of the following enchantments:



Upgradeable items (used in ToEE Crafting)[edit]

Standard named items (which drop from Part 2 only)[edit]



The Temple of Elemental Evil reward list[edit]

The reward list will contain a choice of base ToEE Crafting weapons and the below item. It will not contain Heart Seeds or Commendations of Valor

Drop locations[edit]

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Crafting related[edit]

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