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Turn Undead

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Icon Turn Undead active.png
Turn Undead


Target: Directional

Channel Divinity: Attempts to drive away nearby undead or force them to cower.
To turn undead you must make a turning check (roll 1 twenty-sided die + your total Charisma modifier) to determine the Hit Dice of the most powerful undead you can effect. Then you roll 2 six-sided dice + your Cleric level + your Charisma modifier to determine the total Hit Dice of creatures in the area that can turn.
Turned undead cower in place or flee. If you have twice as many levels as the undead have Hit Dice, you destroy any that you would normally turn. All Channel Divinity abilities use the same pool of uses per rest.

Turn Undead Mechanics

Turning undead consists of the following checks:

  1. Turning check: A charisma check (1d20 + your charisma modifier) determines the hit dice of the most powerful enemy you can affect (See table below.)
  2. Turning damage: Total number of hit dice you can affect is 2d6 + effective cleric level + charisma modifier (Paladins get a -3 to level.)

Destroying undead: If you have twice or more as many effective cleric levels (Turning value) as the undead have hit dice, you destroy any that you would normally turn. The Mighty Turning enhancement allows you to destroy any undead that has less or equal hit dice to the turning check result.

Turning check result Highest hit dice turned
up to 0 Turning value - 4
1-3 Turning value - 3
4-6 Turning value - 2
7-9 Turning value - 1
10-12 Turning value
13-15 Turning value + 1
16-18 Turning value + 2
19-21 Turning value + 3
22+ Turning value + 4

Bonuses to Turning

There are also items, spells, and enhancements which can help increase your turning ability by boosting your effective cleric level for turning. These bonuses are added all parts of the turn undead calculation:
Note: The first 4 item enhancements do not stack with each other.

Sources of Extra Turns

Note: The item enhancements do not stack with each other.

  • Lesser TurningLesser Turning: Increases total number of Turn Undead uses by 2, once wielder rests. If you unequip the item you will lose these turns.
  • Minor TurningMinor Turning: Increases total number of Turn Undead uses by 1, once wielder rests. If you unequip the item you will lose these turns.
  • Alchemical ConservationAlchemical Conservation: This item modifies the user's energy expenditure in such a way that many abilities can be used more frequently than normal. You will gain +1 ki on every successful attack (Enhanced Ki), and will increase the number of Action boosts, Turn Undead attempts, and Bard songs you can use per rest by 1 each. These additional uses will only take effect after your rest.
  • A Cleric or Paladin possessing Turn Undead gains additional charges equal to his/her charisma modifier.
  • The enhancement Extra Turning (RS/KotC) grants an additional +1 turning charge per rank.
  • The epic destiny enhancement Endless Turning grants an additional +1 turning charge per rank.
  • The feat Extra Turning grants an additional +4 turning charges, but can only be taken once.
  • The Endless Turning enhancements (RS/Divine Crusader), which returns one charge per 120 seconds, time between returned charges is reduced with additional ranks.

Alternate uses of Turn Undead charges

Any ability which reads as "Channel divinity" requires a Turn Undead charge to activate. All abilities cost a single turn attempt to use, unless otherwise noted.


  • Sacred Defender
    • Divine Righteousness, which grants temporary hit points equal to your charisma modifier, and grants a +100% sacred bonus to threat generation
    • Glorious Stand, which grants DRDamage Reduction 20/Epic: Reduces physical damage by 20, except from Epic attacks. 20/Epic, absorption of negative and elemental energy, double incoming healing, and immunity to weapon effects.
    • Eternal Defender, which, whenever you are incapacitated but not killed, you expend 2 turn undead charges, and are healed for 250 positive energy.
  • Knight of the Chalice
    • Holy Light, which deals a medium amount of light damage to nearby undead.
    • Divine Might, which grants an insight bonus to strength equal to your charisma modifier for a short time.
    • Rally, which removes fear, grants a bonus to saves versus fear, and grants a small bonus to attack or damage.
    • Holy Retribution, which deals additional base damage and for evil creatures be destroyed or take 100 holy damage and -6 to all ability scores.


Divine Crusader

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