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Throughout the Festivult event held in holiday season, every treasure chest in the game has a chance of dropping festival coins in addition to the usual treasure. Coins can be exchanged for seasonal items. Coins and rewards are unbound.


[edit] The Festivult Tradition (lore)

Since ancient times, the folk of Eberron have observed Long Shadows during these chill weeks of the month of Vult (December) -- a grim season when the power of the Shadow, god of the Dark Six, is at its strongest. Dire magic gathers in dusky corners, and evil stalks the night in a thousand guises. The Coin Lords have determined that the terror of Long Shadows must end! To this end, they devised the festival as a celebration to drive evil out of the city. Instead of cowering from the Shadow, citizens are encouraged to exchange gifts with their adventuring partners and loved ones. And by slaying the monsters who threaten the city's well-being, they may collect festival coins to demonstrate their dauntless spirit in the face of Long Shadows and the Dark Six!

The planes are vast and mysterious, and we can never predict how their alignment will impact the magically imbued gifts of Festivult. Each year the Festivult gifts are imbued with a different magical power depending on what planes are in alignment. So if you have some left-over goodies from Festivults past, beware, friends - those treats may not bring the same affects as before!

[edit] Jester of Festivult

Jester of Festivult
Name: Jester of Festivult
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Collects: Item:Copper Festival Coin, Item:Silver Festival Coin, Item:Gold Festival Coin
Patron: None
  • The Harbor atop the Leaky Dingy Tavern
  • House Phiarlan in the Livewood Theater
  • House Jorasco near Coldwake Pond
  • House Deneith to the west of the Knight's Watch district
  • House Kundarak in Locksmith Square
    Description: The Jester is a dwarven non-player character that appears during the Summer and Winter Festivult events. He accepts copper, silver, and gold festival coins to exchange for seasonal items!

[edit] Reward items

The item effects are based on Planes of Eberron (Eberron wiki link), and their alignment will have impact on them.

Each year the Festivult Cookies and Cakes are imbued with a different effect depending on what planes are in alignment. Any left-over Cakes and Cookies, will have their effects retroactively change.

See also:Past Festivult item effects

Turn-in Item Item effect (2014 version)
Three Item:Copper Festival Coins
BlackAbashaiCookie.png Item:Black Abishai Cookie1 Remove Fear, CL:9
FerniaCookie.png Item:Fernia, the Sea of Fire Jelly Cake Fire Shield (fire version), CL:12
IrianCookie.png Item:Irian, the Eternal Day Jelly Cake Sunburst, CL:10
LamanniaCookie.png Item:Lamannia, the Twilight Forest Jelly Cake Greater Vigor, CL:12
MadusaCookie.png Item:Medusa Cookie Flesh to Stone, CL:15
RisiaCookie.png Item:Risia, the Plane of Ice Jelly Cake Ice Storm, CL:8
ShavarathCookie.png Item:Shavarath, the Battleground Jelly Cake Enchant Armor, CL:15
StormreaverCookie.png Item:Stormreaver Cookie Call Lightning Storm, CL:17
SyraniaCookie.png Item:Syrania, the Azure Sky Jelly Cake Jump + Feather Fall, CL:17
ThelanisCookie.png Item:Thelanis, the Faerie Court Jelly Cake Faerie Fire, CL:15
Icon Cupcake.png Item:Cupcake Heal Light Wounds, CL:10
Icon Lump of Coal.png Item:Lump of Coal Thrown weapon,
Bludgeon damage
Icon Sun Flask.png Item:Sun Flask Thrown weapon,
Bludgeon + light damage
Icon Festival Twig.png Item:Festival Twig Apparently you have been very naughty.
Two Item:Silver Festival Coins
ArraetrikosCookie.png Item:Arraetrikos Cookie Meteor Swarm, CL:15
BeholderCookie.png Item:Beholder Cookie Disintegrate, CL:10
BlackAbbotCookie.png Item:Black Abbot Cookie Stoneskin, CL:15
BlueAbashaiCookie.png Item:Blue Abishai Cookie1 Blur, CL:9
DaanviCookie.png Item:Daanvi, the Perfect Order Jelly Cake Defender of Law, CL:10
DalQuorCookie.png Item:Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams Jelly Cake Wondrous Power, CL:1
DolurrhCookie.png Item:Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead Jelly Cake Death Ward, CL:7
GreenAbashaiCookie.png Item:Green Abishai Cookie1 Neutralize Poison, CL:8
KythriCookie.png Item:Kythri, the Churning Chaos Jelly Cake Prismatic Spray, CL:10
MarilithCookie.png Item:Queen Lailat, the Marilith Cookie Burning Blood, CL:15
RedAbishaiCookie.png Item:Red Abishai Cookie 1 Protection from Energy: Fire, CL:12
Icon Spiderweb Cookie.png Item:Spiderweb Cookie Rejuvenation Cocoon, CL: 18
SpinnerOfShadowsCookie.png Item:Spinner of Shadows Cookie Enveloping Swarm, CL: 20
SuulomadesCookie.png Item:Suulomades Cookie Teleport, CL: 15
TakenCookie Icon.png Taken Cookie Wondrous Power, CL:15
TovendCannithCookie.png Item:Toven d’Cannith Cookie Radiant Forcefield, CL:17
VelahCookie.png Item:Velah, the Red Dragon Cookie Cometfall, CL:15
WarforgedTitanCookie.png Item:Warforged Titan Cookie Titan's Grip, CL:15
One Item:Gold Festival Coin2
HezrouCookie.png Item:Hezrou Cookie Infernal Power, CL:10
KoboldCookie.png Item:Kobold Cookie Wondrous Power, CL:15
LordOfBladesCookie.png Item:Lord of Blades Cookie Blade Barrier, CL:15
MabarCookie.png Item:Mabar, the Endless Night Jelly Cake Finger of Death, CL:15
SuccubusCookie.png Item:Succubus Cookie Mass Charm Monster, CL:10
WhiteAbishaiCookie.png Item:White Abishai Cookie1 Fire Shield (cold version), CL:17
XyzzyCookie.png Item:Xyzzy Cookie Bee Breath, CL:15
XoriatCookie.png Item:Xoriat, the Realm of Madness Jelly Cake Otto's Sphere of Dancing, CL:15

[edit] Notes

Some of these items are BTA or BTC.

[edit] Cookie Jar

There are 30+ types of Cookies and Cakes, it is recommended to turn all coins in on one character (possibly a mule designated for event items only) to prevent a major inventory mess. A Cookie Jar can hold all Cookies and Cakes until max stack size is reach for the cookie type, in one inventory slot. The cookie jar is a DDO Store item.

EstoreIcon CookieJar.jpg
  • Small Cookie Jar - Max stack size: 50, 295 TP
  • Large Cookie Jar - Max stack size: 250, 495 TP

Cookie Jars are Bound to Character on AcquireBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire. The Large Cookie Jar will grow quite heavy eventually, so it may not be good idea to carry these around especially on low-strength characters such as finesse/halfling builds and casters. Make sure you are on the right character before making purchase.

  • The Lloth, The Spider Queen cookie is obtained from the Midwinter Festival as a Mote turn in reward rather than the Jester coin turn in. It still goes into the Cookie Jar.

[edit] Iterations

[edit] 2014-2015

  • December 2 - January 4 for coins drop
  • December 12 - January 18 for NPC turn-in
  • Effect of some reward items have retroactively changed (leftovers from last years event have also been affected).

[edit] 2013-2014

  • December 5 - January 2 for coins drop
  • December 17 - January 12 for NPC turn-in
  • No coins are dropping from Forgotten Realms contents.

[edit] 2012-2013

  • December 5 - January 6 for coins drop
  • December 10 - January 13 for NPC turn-in
  • Notably, on this year's event, no coins are dropping from the newly added Forgotten Realms contents.
  • White Abishai Cookie made available in the DDO Store

[edit] 2011-2012

  • December 2011 - January 2012

[edit] 2011 Summer Festivult

  • June 30 - July 17
  • Exactly the same rewards from coins as given during December 13th, 2010 - January 2nd, 2011.

[edit] 2010-2011

  • December 7 - ?? for coins drop
  • December 13 - January 2 for NPC turn-in

[edit] 2009-2010

  • November 23 - ?? for coins drop
  • November 30 - January 1 for NPC turn-in

[edit] 2008-2009

  • December 11 - January

[edit] 2007-2008

  • December 12 - January
  • Effect of some reward items have retroactively changed (leftovers from last years event have also been affected). Drop rate of coins have also significantly decreased as compared to last years event.

[edit] 2006-2007

  • Introduced to the game for the first time. Irian Cake (blue one) had Raise Dead effect with no minimum level usage and was fairly easy to get. At the time level cap was 10, and the Raise Dead spell belonged to endgame scene. The Cake was criticized as being game-breaking.

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