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Update 30 named items

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Party Favor turn-in[edit]

Broccoli Bashers - Bound to Account on AcquireBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire +7 Club: Weapon's Ooze Specific Damage +5, Weapon's Bludgeon Effect +5, Weapon's Critical Bludgeon Effect +12, Everbright, Purple Augment SlotRed AugmentsBlue AugmentsColorless Augments

Steel's Eternal Flask of Icy Pumpkin Coffee - Eternal Flask: 90 second cooldown / 90 second duration: Jump +10Jump +10: Passive: +10 Festive bonus to the Jump skill., Spellcraft +10Spellcraft +10: Passive: +10 Festive bonus to the Spellcraft skill., Balance +10Balance +10: Passive: +10 Festive bonus to the Balance skill., +10 Festive bonus to Will Saves Vs. Sleep, 25% Festive bonus to Rune Arm Charge Rate. On effect expiration: -25% movement speed, -20 Dodge, -30 Will Saves vs. Sleep, Jump -40Jump -40: Passive: -40 Competence bonus to the Jump skill.. These effects last until you rest or drink the coffee again. Note: drinking flask DOES break stealth

Foil Hat - A Cosmetic foil hat.

Deep Gnome starter gear[edit]

Deep Gnome/starter gear‎