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Joined DDO as F2P in Dec of '11, took a long break sometime latter half of '13 (just before u 19!*), back again midwinter of '15-16, relearning game (and rebuilding alts) after all the intervening update tweaks.

(* When I left, the "new" Enhancement trees were just a disturbing rumour from Lamannia, and everyone was bemoaning the char changes coming.)

Premium player on Thelanis, but have lowbie favor runners on all servers.

Around '05, I was co-Admin for the Dwarf Fortress Wiki for several years, and now am only slowly remembering my Wiki-fu. (My primary contribution was/is organization, writing, and formatting for clarity, rather than the higher-level coding, which I left to others.)

1,900 edits and counting!
Monster Vampire.jpg
You are now buried two feet under. THE DARK SIDE IS CALLING YOU!!!

C-Hound has 1,000 or more edits - can you make 2,500?

Editing typos and adding redirects is important, but my main ability to contribute lies as an actual "editor", in making articles "better", more readable and user-friendly. Re-designing a page may take an hour or more, but still shows as "+1 edit" - quality over quantity. A few of my created pages and more major page (re-)formats;

Wiki stuff[edit]

Sim for an entire cell in a table
| style="background: #FFD700;text-align:center;"|FFD700 is bright yellow

<div style="background-color:#D0D0D0;"> <!-- (This color determines background - here, "light grey") -->

...(text here)...

<div style="background-color:#FFFFFF;"> <!-- (This turns the rest of the page, below, back to the preferred background color (the "FFFFFF" would be for "white") -->

  • Multiple
  • Columns
  • of Bullet
  • Points