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Update 39 named items

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This page is based on information gathered on Lamannia preview server, it might not be verified on live servers.
Note that anything found on Lamannia is considered to be speculation until it goes live.
If you know any information on this page to be in error, please fix it by clicking the Edit link.
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If you can verify that all the information on this page is correct, please edit this page and remove {{Lamannia}}.

White Plume Mountain[edit]

New Sentient Jewels[edit]

New filigree set[edit]

Frozen Wanderer

Name Effect Rare bonus effect Set bonus
Frozen Wanderer: Intelligence +1 Int +2 PRR
  • When 2 pieces are equipped: +5% Cold Spell Crit
  • When 3 pieces are equipped: +10 Magical Resistance Rating Cap
  • When 4 pieces are equipped: Cold Mastery: Gain 50 Cold Spellpower. Melee and Ranged attacks get 4d6+1d6 per epic character level in Cold damage. This effect will not stack with other Sentient weapon procs.
Frozen Wanderer: Charisma +1 Cha +2 PRR
Frozen Wanderer: Wisdom +1 Wis +2 PRR
Frozen Wanderer: PRR +3 PRR +2 MRR
Frozen Wanderer: Cold Spell Power +9 Cold SP +9 +4 USP
Frozen Wanderer: Arcane Spell Failure -10% ASF +4 USP
Frozen Wanderer: Cold Absorption Cold Absorb 5% +2 MRR

Named items[edit]

DDO Forums

Phiarlan Carnival[edit]

DDO Forums

Name Old Effects New Effects
Antique Greataxe
Phiarlan Spy Dagger
Noxious Fang
Garos' Malice
Battered Phiarlan Shield
Brimstone Verge
Illusionist's Garb
Mask of Tragedy
Mask of Comedy
The Big Top
Ring of Elemental Essence
Shimmering Pendant
Grim's Bracelet
Brawn's Spirits
Phiarlan Mirror Cloak

Crystal Cove[edit]

The tiers are gone - only one version of each item is available per level. Level 28 versions have been introduced. The ML4 trinkets have not changed. The hat crafting has not changed.

Lamannia: First preview - Second preview

Red Fens[edit]

Newly looted items are Bound to Account on AcquireBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire.