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Type: Suffix
Base price modifier: varies, +1 per X

  • On hit: 1d6 (for Ghostbane I) or Xd4 bane damage vs Undead.
  • Passive: Attacks from this weapon bypass the miss chance of incorporeal creatures, such as ghosts, shadows, and wraiths.

Notes: Trivia:

  • DDO Forums: When the new Shadowfell Expansion came out they re-did the loot tables. A lot of old enchantments that people loved were removed from the loot tables all together. In it's current incarnation the single most common weapon enhancement that seems to drop is Ghostbane. As this is less then optimal for all the older players with much better loot it is highly frowned upon. We miss our older more interesting enchantments. Think of Ghostbane as the official Mascot/Scapegoat of the widely considered failed loot changes.
  • Players later started to use "ghostbane" as a verb meaning to mess up; for example, the loot has been ghostbaned. Drop rate of Ghostbane weaponry was adjusted shortly afterwards. In a later random loot pass, this enchantment was abandoned; new items no longer drop with this enchantment.