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[edit] Adamantine Weapons

Adamantine weapons bypass the damage reduction of some creatures, often construct monsters such as golems. See Monster DR and weaknesses for specifics.

Adamantine weapons have a Hardness rating 10 points higher then an equivalent steel weapon would have.

Monks receive the class feat Ki Strike: Adamantine at level 16, allowing them to bypass Adamantine damage reduction with unarmed attacks. Some loot-generated handwraps and named handwraps show "Adamantine lined" as a metal property.

[edit] Adamantine Armor

Adamantine armor provides damage reduction (DR) based on the type of armor that is made from it:

Light: 1/- damage reduction
Medium: 2/- damage reduction
Heavy: 3/- damage reduction
  • Like weapons, armor made of Adamantine has a Hardness rating 10 points higher then equivalent steel armor.

This DR does not stack with that granted by most other abilities, such as the Barbarian's damage reduction. See the Damage reduction page for more information on DR.

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