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10,001 edits and counting!
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You are thee legendary master of the dark side!!!

Cru121 has 10,000 or more edits - keep up the good work!


Wiki stuff[edit]

Convert table to ..[edit]

Pic syntax (I keep forgetting this)[edit]

[[File:pic.png|thumb|right|200px|text text]]

Tips for editing item description screen shots[edit]

My favorite image viewers/editors:

  • IrfanView (freeware for non-commercial use) - my default viewer (wiki article)
  • Microsoft Paint/Paintbrush (Start - Run - pbrush) or right-click a pic and select Edit.

My pic processing procedure

  • Make a DDO screen shot
  • Browse the screen shots in My Documents\Dungeons and Dragons Online using IrfanView
  • Using mouse, select roughly the part of the screen shot that I need.
  • Press Ctrl+Y to keep only the selected part.
  • Press s to open Save as dialog. Save as PNG under proper name, such as Rusty Dagger (Level 28).png to my desktop.
  • Escape to close IrfanView.
  • Right-click pic, select Edit. (MS Paint opens)
  • Hold Ctrl and scroll with your mouse to zoom in.
  • Ctrl+A to select all.
  • (I am using the BlackBird skin so I don't have wings)
  • Use keyboard arrows to set the top left corner.
  • Ctrl+E, set pic width to 420 pixel.
  • (Few items are slightly wider than 420 px, then I need to undo with Ctrl+Z, and press Left keyboard arrow some more to cut few (2-3) pixels from the item border. Then again set to 420 px.)
  • Ctrl+A to select all again. (This discards the pixels we moved offscreen)
  • Clean up the right side. Usually pics are often 413 pixels wide. This means, I need to press Right keyboard arrow 7 times so that all screen shot background is offscreen.
  • Ctrl+A to select all. Press Left 3-4 times to center the pic, having 3-4 px wide white bars on both sides.
  • Scroll down, hover your mouse over the bottom end of the pic. The bottom left corner of your Paint window displays mouse coordinates. The second number is height.
  • Press Ctrl+E, set pic height appropriately.
  • Ctrl+s to save, Alt+F4 to close Paint.
  • Open pic in IrfanView.
  • Go Image > Decrease Color Depth > 64 colors. This will greatly reduce file size.
  • Save and exit.
  • Ready to upload.

Reaper Bonus[edit]

Cru, I have multiple items with ReaperMRR and ReaperPRR on them, and when I equip more than one at a time I only get the 3 PRR or the 3 MRR. They do not stack. -- Niminae (ContribsMessage) 23:04, June 4, 2018 (EDT)

  • Well I have just tested stacking on a few items and it seemed to work. What I have discovered during my tests is that one piece of Paramnesial Lenses has Reaper Power Boost on em but it does not increase my powers AT ALL. So perhaps the bug is not stacking, but that some items fail to provide their bonuses in general. -- Cru121 (ContribsMessage) 00:56, June 5, 2018 (EDT)
    • Well that's bizarre. All I can say is that I've had two items with a ReaperMRR bonus on and only seen a single +3 applied. Thus my conclusion that this was not a typed bonus. I've just ERed but next time I hit 28 I'll do a careful "try on" session and record my results. -- Niminae (ContribsMessage) 08:42, June 5, 2018 (EDT)