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Sentient Weapon

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Sentient weapons is a mechanic introduced in Update 37 that allows to upgrade weapons with sentience, gaining mechanical benefits (increase to various abilities) and roleplay effects (weapons commenting your actions).


  • Only named weapons, minimum level 21 or higher can gain sentience. Crafted / upgradeable weapons are out (most notably Temple of Elemental Evil, Legendary Green Steel, and Thunder-Forged).
  • Sentient weapons cannot be placed in your off-hand slot.

Sentient Jewels[edit]

Jewels are Bound to Account on AcquireBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire essences that carry the sentience. Slot the jewel to a weapon to awaken its sentience. You can also pry out the jewel out of an existing weapon and transfer it to a different weapon.

Slotting a sentient jewel to a weapon does not change the weapons binding status or minimum level.

Players can build Sentient XP by feeding named items to their Sentient Jewel. You do this by dragging the item to the appropriate slot in the Sentient Item panel. Each named item will add a number of Sentient XP to the jewel based on the minimum level required to use it. The actual numbers are as follows:

Minimum Level Sentient XP granted
1-20 Minimum Level x1
21-27 Minimum Level x5
28+ Minimum Level x10

For example, a named item with a minimum level of 10 would add 10 Sentient XP, while a named item with a minimum level of 29 would add 290 Sentient XP.

Costs to open slots are as follows:

Total Sentient XP (÷20) (÷125) (÷280)
Sentient Filigree Slot 1 Free
Sentient Filigree Slot 2 2,000 100 16 8
Sentient Filigree Slot 3 6,000 300 48 22
Sentient Filigree Slot 4 12,000 600 96 43
Sentient Filigree Slot 5 20,000 1,000 160 72
Sentient Filigree Slot 6 40,000 2,000 320 143
Sentient Filigree Slot 7 60,000 3,000 480 215

This means that a character will need around 70 named items at top level to reach 5 Filigree slots, and it gets expensive for slots 6 and 7.

All Sentient XP you have gained stays with the Sentient Jewel when you unslot it, and is applied to a new weapon when you slot that jewel into it.

Sentient Filigrees[edit]

  • Filigree is an augment-like ingredient that you can add to your sentient jewel, assuming you have a free filigree slot.
  • Filigrees go into the augment bag.
  • The binding of filigrees varies depending on content, but probably generally unbound so players can trade and sell the ones they don't want.
  • A weapon can only have one of each Filigree. You cannot slot two of the same Filigree in one weapon.
  • Filigree will have their own rarity. Some sets will be less common than others. In addition, each Filigree has a rare chance to drop as with an upgraded bonus, which has an additional effect on it.

See available filigrees here: Sentient Weapon/Filigrees‎


  • Sentient Destroyer Tools - Destroys a Filigree or even a Sentient Jewel to open up the slot for a new piece. Simply drag the tools onto the Filigree or Jewel slot to destroy the contents and free up the slot. Probably available from vendors for plat.
  • Sentient Unslotter Tools - Unslots a Filigree or Jewel. Available in loot and in the DDO Store.

You cannot destroy or unslot a jewel unless all filigrees have been removed from the weapon first.

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