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Rogue equipment

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Starting a...


Rogues are primarily a skill based class. Therefore, any items which improve Stats or Skills are useful.


Essential Items[edit]

Thieves' Tools are essential for the skills Disable Device and Open Lock. These skills are only available after rogue training. The full range of normal, masterwork, +1, +2, +3, +4 and +5 tools are available from looting chests. These give a corresponding bonus to the roll of +1, +2 through to +7 respectively. This will stack with any item giving a bonus to disabling or unlocking.

In case a rogue has to resort to buying Thieves' tools The Harbor general vendor sells normal tools, The Marketplace general vendor sells normal or masterwork. Tools with bonuses are available for purchase only after gaining Free Agent favour. Their vendor in The Harbor will then sell them to you.

Always carry a spare pack and replace them when you have less than 50 in inventory.


Rogues are trained to wear Light armor only. This gives a choice of four types or choose from. Also available are Robes and Mithral or Darkleaf Medium Armor (which counts as light due to the metal properties). Light armor also ensures that Evasion is not hindered. Generally it is best to select an armor which does not reduce dexterity bonus.

At lower levels Adamantine armor is useful for giving some damage reduction. At higher levels the amount of damage received in attacks is much greater so DR/1 or 2 is insignificant. It is wiser to invest in magic armor that gives some benefits. As a rogue, unless you are a very specialised build you do not want to worry about AC.

Being untrained in shield use means rogues will not normally use them. In extremes, however, any character can use a shield untrained so getting a light shield gives some additional protection when necessary. Special ones to look out for are:

  • Darkwood shields have the advantage of zero armor check penalty.
  • Mithral has the advantage of increased maximum dexterity bonus.

Protection items are useful. Having light armor and no shield means that rogues tend to have a lower armor class, and some protection bonus, along with the bonus to armor class from high dexterity bonus often helps in melee combat.


Rogues are trained to use Simple Weapons and the Martial Weapons of rapier, shortsword and shortbow only. This gives a modest selection to choose from. Due to rogues often having high dexterity the Weapon Finesse feat is a popular choice (the Assassin enhancement tree can allow Dexterity to be applied to damage with certain if you have Weapon Finesse). As such light weapons which usable are Sickle (slashing), Light mace (bludgeoning), and Dagger (piercing) are hence preferable. Racial or further training can mean that other finesse weapons are available for use.

Magic melee weapons giving a bonus to backstabbing or deception are an excellent compliment to rogue skills. Otherwise a weapon with bane, elemental or special powers are a personal preference. Magic ranged weapons with special powers are handy as it is applied to all ammo, even normal bolts. Coupled with the Rogue's high dexterity this makes a good choice of weapon. Returning throwing weapons are useful to reduce costs.

Update 25 revamped the Rogue Mechanic Tree, making the Ranged Rogue attractive again, enhancing crossbows, bows and throwing weapons. Great Crossbow enhancements are superior to Heavy/Light or Repeating Crossbows. Unfortunately only a scarce amount of named Great Crossbow weapons are available in game, but with Crafting some good weapons can be created (GS / CC / TF / ToEE).

Other Items[edit]

Stat boost items are excellent as they give a boost to several skills. They tend to be rarer to loot, especially those with high boosts. Skills boost items are more common and usually target a single skill. (although better ones can target several skills, or a stat and a skill - hold onto those!). The bonus is an odd number. +1 and +3 are available for use by any level, and then higher bonuses are level limited.

As Rogues also have only a good Reflex save, hence items which give Resistance or enhanced Fortitude save or Will save are good.

Items which give limited spell effects are handy to enhance skills, get buffed, or just mimic a good spell.

Named quest rewards[edit]

Named quest rewards which have a chance of being looted of particular interest to rogues are:


Rogues are very versatile and depending on their leaning in terms of combat, ranged combat, using magic scrolls and wands, trap monkey, etc. weapons, armour and items are available for use. You may need to compete with other classes for them, however.

Generally after some questing you'll have a range of useful items, some which are permanently equipped, and some which you can swap out as the quest demands.

Good luck in your roguish exploits!