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In DDO, player characters and hirelings do not die until they reach -10 hit points or lower. Getting reduced to anywhere from 0 to -9 renders you merely unconscious and dying. If you are dying, you lose 1 hp every ten seconds from blood loss until either you die or you stabilize, in one of three ways:

  • Another character can heal you or grant you temporary hit points with any usual spell, item, or ability. Incapacitated Warforged characters can also be rescued with magical repair. This healing has to offset your negative hit points first. Once you rise to 1 hp or greater, you become conscious again (and stop bleeding).
  • Another character can attempt to use the Heal skill on you. This uses up a healing kit. On a successful skill check, this immediately makes you conscious again and sets your hp to 1. Failure only uses up the kit. Warforged characters must be rescued with repair kits and the Repair skill instead.
  • There is a 10% chance every time you would bleed that you become stable on your own. You must make a die roll of 10 or LOWER. You don't recover instantly, however. There is a brief delay, and then you become conscious with 20% of your maximum hitpoints. You cannot take any actions, nor do nearby monsters consider you a target, until you move, which will trigger a standing-up animation lasting about one second. Warforged characters and characters with the Diehard feat stabilize automatically, but they still have this delay. A proc from an item with regeneration will also trigger a stabilization.

Incapacitated characters are still vulnerable to attacks and to damage, and are additionally considered Helpless, meaning they will take extra damage from all attacks. They can easily die from getting caught in area attacks or from enemies that deliberately keep attacking them once they're down. (Most monsters will leave a character unconscious the first time they are incapacitated; however, if a character is incapacitated while being attacked by one or more monsters that have seen them recovering from the condition, the monsters attacking them will continue until they are dead.)

An unconscious character cannot move or take any actions (except few rare effects, for example Siberys Spirit Cakes). They can and should block (hold left shift).[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"They can and should block (hold left shift)." has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]

Undead characters (Pale Master enhancements) no longer die at 0 hp; they benefit from the same unconsciousness range as living characters.

Extending unconsciousness range[edit]

Several effects increase how far into negative HP can you go before dying. You can check your unconsciousness range on the Details tab of your character sheet (section General Combat).

Pets only:

See also:

  • Diehard feat: automatically stabilize when you become unconscious
  • Divine Intervention enhancement: When a warded ally is incapacitated, this effect heals the target after a few seconds for 10 to 39 hit points and then fade