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Category:Sheltering items

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Dink's Leather Wraps

Arm of the ArchonsBastionBastion (Level 16)Bastion (Level 17)Buckler of the Demonic SoldierBulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 12)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 13)Iron Cloak of the BearShield of the Demonic Soldier

BastionBastion (Level 18)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 14)Dusty Adventuring GarbLaurel HelixMithral Cloak of the BearShield of the Scorpion

Adamantine Cloak of the BearBastionBastion (Level 23)Bastion (Level 24)

Crystalline Cacophony

Barnacled BucklerBastionBastion (Level 25)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 23)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 24)

Warsword Shield

Bulwark of the Storm's FistBulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 25)

Utilitarian Necklace


Epic Chord of ReprisalsEpic Laurel HelixEpic Minos LegensGuardian's Ring (Level 19)Guardian's Ring (Level 27)The Falling Darkness

Epic Crystalline Cacophony

Dumathoin's BracersEpic Arm of the ArchonsMythic Minos LegensShroud of Ardent

Legendary Utilitarian Necklace


Breastplate of the Celestial AvengerBreastplate of the Celestial SageDocent of the Celestial AvengerDocent of the Celestial SageLeathers of the Celestial ArcherLeathers of the Celestial AvengerLeathers of the Celestial SageOutfit of the Celestial AvengerOutfit of the Celestial GuardianPlatemail of the Celestial AvengerPlatemail of the Celestial SageRobe of the Celestial SageScalemail of the Celestial AvengerScalemail of the Celestial Sage

Legendary Heartwood

Legendary Warsword Shield


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