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Adamantine Body

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Icon Feat Composite Plating.png
Adamantine Body


Docents you equip provide armor equivalent to Full Plate. This is treated as metallic heavy armor, granting damage reduction 2/adamantine, a 35% arcane spell failure chance, -5 armor check penalty to relevant skills, and a +1 maximum dexterity bonus.


  • Warforged body feats can be purchased at any point, not just at character creation.
  • Selecting this feat will prevent you from being able to select the Mithral Body feat later, as they are mutually exclusive.
  • Evasion doesn't work with Adamantine Body, since it is considered a heavy armor.
  • PRR is granted when the feat is purchased, regardless of whether proficient in heavy armor[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"regardless of whether proficient in heavy armor" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]. Equipping/unequipping a docent will not change your PRR.
  • Artificers may select this feat as one of their artificer bonus feats.