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Gavin Northus

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Gavin Northus.jpg

Name: Gavin Northus

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Frame Work


Description: <Harbor Security Chief> Gavin is the Harbor security chief, and he will put you on par of what has been happening since the Droaam army and the Path of Inspiration arrived on Stormreach.

Lordsmarch Plaza[edit]

If you try to talk to him as soon as possible, he will reply:

  • Gavin Northus: Later. When you've proven that you can be trusted.

If you have finished the quest Diplomatic Impunity, however, he will reply:

  • Gavin Northus: ????????????????

Talking to him after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make he say:

  • Gavin Northus: ????????????????

On completion of quest, he will congratulate you with the following:

  • Gavin Northus: ????????????????

After completing the quest and taking the reward, if you talk to him again, he will reply:

  • Gavin Northus: ????????????????

Wylkes Manor[edit]

  • Gavin Northus: Ah, yes. I was told you'd be coming. We're short-handed here - one of our agents is stranded in some island, while another is sick with an extremely suspicious illness.
  • Gavin Northus: We need an experienced adventurer like you to help Coin Lord Wylkes investigate the Dar Qat Trade Mission and the Path of Inspiration.
  • Gavin Northus: If you have any questions, now's the time to ask me.
    • You: Tell me about Dar Qat.
      • Gavin Northus: Dar Qat is a city on the coast of Xen'drik, an outpost of the far-off Riedran Empire. It's a stable, prosperous place that engages in a great deal of trade.
      • Gavin Northus: That's really all we know about it. Dar Qat does not welcome outsiders.
    • You: Tell me about the Trade Mission.
      • Gavin Northus: Ambassadors from Dar Qat recently appeared in Stormreach, offering the Coin Lords lucrative trade deals with their city. They even offered to pay to renovate this part of the harbor.
      • Gavin Northus: In exchange the Coin Lords allowed them to build their Trade Mission down by the water.
      • Gavin Northus: Very few people know what goes on there. The only person from Stormreach who has even been inside is our agent Jeets Shimis, and he's in no condition to describe what's inside.
    • You: Tell me about the Path of Inspiration.
      • Gavin Northus: The Path of Inspiration is some kind of religion from Dar Qat. It's the usual sort of thing - follow their precepts to achieve bliss, and so on. They have what they call an Inspiration Center here in the Harbor.
      • Gavin Northus: They seemed harmless enough until Coin Lord Wylkes' son disappeared while he was with Path members. Now we're conducting a full-scale investigation into their activities.
    • You: Tell me about the agent stranded on the island.
      • Gavin Northus: Coin Lord Wylkes was concerned about our new Dar Qat trading partners so he sent Burgess, one of our agents, to investigate the city of Dar Qat.
      • Gavin Northus: Burgess was returning to Stormreach to report his findings when his ship was sunk, supposedly by pirates.
      • Gavin Northus: Now Burgess is stranded on some island. We're mounting a rescue expedition. Talk to Captain Carthay Cave down by the docks to learn more.
    • You: Tell me about the sick agent.
      • Gavin Northus: We hired a local rogue by the name of Jeets Shimis to investigate the Path of Inspiration and the Trade Mission for us.
      • Gavin Northus: He never completed his mission. Instead we found him lying in an alley one morning, babbling incoherently.
      • Gavin Northus: We're not sure what's wrong with him. You can talk to his friend Talbron Tewn to learn more. He's right over there.