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Icon ItemSlot Trinket.png

Trinkets are special jewelry items (usually not generated as regular chest loot) that fall into no real category and go in the trinket slot in the inventory window. Trinkets generally offer a small increase in a stat (Rahkat's Trifle, Zizoo's Spangle) or increase the spell points of the wearer (Pearl of Power).

See also:

  • Compasses (randomly generated trinkets)
  • Craftable trinket available from the DDO Store, rare Festival Turn-ins, and extremely rare random loot drops. (see below)
  • Greensteel ingredient that can also serve as a craftable trinket in Cannith Crafting
    • Will always be absolute minimum level 13 regardless of which minimum level shards are applied

Craftable Trinkets[edit]

  • Trinket (Craftable) - no Minimum Level, Binds to Account on Acquire
    NOTE: Although these may not accept unbound shards, by adding a bound ML 1 shard to them and disjuncting they should accept shards. This Level 1 Crafting can be done with 100% success by any character regardless of crafting experience; (Total cost = ~24 pp, 10 essences).