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Item:Astral Shard

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Astral Shard
Astral Shards balance.

Astral Shards are a form of currency introduced with Update 16 Patch 1. These can be used instead of platinum for many in-game services, such as minor respecs, item repairs and others.

Unlike platinum, Astral Shards are account wide, i.e., your shards are available for all your characters on the server. Unlike platinum, Astral Shards cannot be directly traded with another player (except via Shard Exchange).

Your Astral Shards balance is displayed on the inventory screen of your characters, extreme bottom right corner.

Astral Diamonds[edit]

Astral Diamond
Minor bug: Astral Diamond barter UI states Shards generated are BtC but it's a simple text error.

Astral Shards replaced an older, bigger denomination, Astral Diamonds. In-game use of Astral Diamonds were gradually phased out and replaced with Astral Shards. Astral Diamonds were available from the DDO Store, and they used to drop from chests, but at a very small drop rate.

You can convert your legacy diamonds into shards at the rate of 5 shards per diamond. Double clicking Astral Diamonds in your inventory opens a Barter UI window to convert them into Astral Shards.

Note that Astral Shard inventory value is shared by all of your characters on that server, so BtA Astral Diamonds become account-shared Astral Shards, freeing up inventory or bank space. It doesn't matter on which character you convert them.

Sources of Astral Shards[edit]

  • You can win them at the Daily Dice.
  • You can earn them by selling items on the Shard Exchange.
  • You can earn them by killing monsters from the Monster Manual (Volumes III and IV).
  • You can rarely find them in chests (confirmed on 23 June 2013)
  • You can purchase them with DDO Points from the DDO Store.
Pack of X Cost (DP) DP/Shard
2000 Astral Shards 9995 4.9975
1000 Astral Shards 5395 5.395
500 Astral Shards 2795 5.59
265 Astral Shards 1495 5.64
200 Astral Shards 1135 5.68
140 Astral Shards 795 5.68
100 Astral Shards 595 5.95
65 Astral Shards 395 6.08
50 Astral Shards 325 6.50
30 Astral Shards 195 6.50
20 Astral Shards 150 7.50
10 Astral Shards 75 7.50
  • Prices on the live server DDO Store as-of 17 Nov 2016.

Astral Shard uses[edit]

Use Amount Description Alternative payment
Enhancements reset 15 Allows you to reset your enhancements. Platinum
Epic Destinies reset 32 Previously Loom of Destiny Platinum
Feat Respec costs with Fred the Mindflayer 15 Retrain one of your feats for a different one. Platinum + Siberys Dragonshards
Guild Airships purchase* Up to 4,000 Please refer to the Guild Airships page.

"Stormglory airships have more space and more amenity slots per size class. They are also quite stylish! Such Luxury doesn't come cheaply though. All Stormglory class ships require astral diamonds as part of their payment. No diamonds, no deal. You can find astral diamonds in the DDO Store." Daedalean Kraken is the current top tier airship.

  • Windspyre tier - Plat
  • Volant tier - Plat
  • Stormglory tier - None
  • Daedalean tier - None
Airship amenities 15-495 (Upgrade) Permanent Amenity Deeds have been added to the in-game airship First Mate vendor.
  • Regular level limited deeds - Plat
  • Airship Amenity Deeds can appear in quest arc end reward lists (the drop rate is quite low...). They can also rarely be found in treasure chests.
Airship amenities (legacy) 30-115 Gold Seal amenities have been added to the in-game airship hook point vendors.
  • Regular amenities - Plat
  • Gold Seal amenities - DP
Gold Seal Hirelings 1-6 Gold Seal contracts have been added to the in-game Hireling vendors.
  • Regular Hirelings - Plat
  • Gold Seal Hirelings - DP
Item Repairs
  • 15 while in quests
  • 9 after resting at a shrine
  • 3 in public areas
You may repair using Astral Shards while you are in a dungeon. The cost is discounted at shrines, and cheapest in public areas.
  • Astral Shard repaired items can receive a temporary "Blessing of Moradin" (when in Forgotten Realms content) or "Blessing of Onatar" (when in Eberron content), which will apply a random beneficial effect to equipped armor, primary, and off-hand items.
    • This effect ends upon death or un-equipping the item.
    • Note that using an Astral Shard repair on an item subsequent times will apply a new random effect, over riding any existing one.
    • Rune Arms are not eligible for this effect since they do not take item damage.
  • In quests - none
  • Public areas - plat at most any vendor (no alternative for the temporary bonus effect)
5th Inventory Tab from
150 The Coin Lords favor
6 shards This will increase total inventory by 20 spaces 1 Collapsed Portable Hole and
100,000gp (10,000 pp)
Shard Exchange 1 to 5 shards for posting Variant Auction House using shards as currency Platinum on regular auction house; DP codes; no alternative for trading bound BtCoE items
Daily Dice 3 / 15 per roll In-game lottery system One free roll on the silver chest per day; one free roll for the gold chest per week for VIP
Purchase Augments 4 / 8 / 12 Purchase selected Augments from various Collectors Collectables
Re-rolling loot chest level / 2 (?) Discard the content of a non-raid chest and generate the loot anew Run the quest again
Sagas 5 / 15 Pay 5 AS to skip one quest in a saga and mark it as Elite completion
Pay 15 to upgrade Saga reward to the next tier
Run the quest on Elite
Run quests on higher difficulties
Fingers the Fence vendor 5 / 20 Purchase rare items. None
The Storm Horns / Wheloon Prison teleporter 3 Teleport directly to quest entrance Teleport to an unlocked location for free. Walk to the quest entrance.
Wheloon Prison liberator 6 Liberate a Wheloon Prison native. Succeed on an ability check or skill check.
Dreamforge 50 Purchase Crystal Disc of Dreams Crystal Shards of Dreams, Essences of Dreams conversion
Cannith Crafting 20-50 Astral Shards may be traded for Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments at Crafting Hall vendors as follows:
  • 20 shards → 4 fragments
  • 35 shards → 9 fragments
  • 50 shards → 16 fragments
See Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragment.
Cauldron of Sora Katra 25 Astral Shards can be used in a crafting ritual on the Cauldron of Sora Katra. 25 Astral Shards may be exchanged for one of: All Marks can be obtained from chests/reward lists

Siberys Spirit Cake 35 When you are incapacitated or dead in a quest, a pop-up dialogue window will advise you of 3 ways to revive; the 3rd option is purchasing and automatically consuming a Siberys Spirit Cake for 35 astral shards DDO Points

* As of Update 16 Patch 1, all costs were multiplied by five to convert from Astral Diamonds to Shards, and Diamond deposit balance also was multiplied by five to convert to Shards.

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