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Sigmund Bauerson

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Sigmund Bauerson.jpg

Name: Sigmund Bauerson

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): The Collaborator

Location: Wavecrest Tavern

Description: Sigmund Bauerson is the tavernkeeper of Korthos Village; however, he does not conduct business directly with the players, letting his wife, Ingrid, take care of this.

Notes: His children includes Askel, Gunnar, Kaja, and Merla.

Wavecrest Tavern[edit]

As soon as you arrive on the village, he will be on the tavern, and will tell you the following:

  • Sigmund Bauerson: Welcome to the Wavecrest. You are among good folk here.

After you complete the three starter quests in the village, he will approach you:

  • Sigmund Bauerson: I'm glad you're here, <name>. I've heard of your efforts on behalf of the village. Thanks to you, opportunities have begun to materialize to turn the situation around.
  • Sigmund Bauerson: There is a traitor here in the village. Someone who has given himself to the Cult willing... mad as that is. We now know what his next move will be. And that is where you come in, <name>.
  • Sigmund Bauerson: The fool is planning to attack the Tavern, and kill me. But when he arrives with his Sahuagin allies, he won't find me. He'll find you!
  • You: I think I'm starting to see where this is going.
  • Sigmund Bauerson: Don't worry. My men will ambush most of the Sahuagin before they get near the place. But make sure you kill the Traitor! Under no circumstances allow him to get away.
  • Sigmund Bauerson: His name is Jacoby Drexelhand. Now... are you ready?
  • You: Ready as I'll ever be. Let's do this. (Bestow and start quest)
  • You: Just give me a minute to prepare (Walk away)

Talking to him after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make he say:

  • Sigmund Bauerson: So, are you ready to face the Traitor and his Sahuagin masters?

On completion of quest, he will tell you with the following:

  • Sigmund Bauerson: There you are! I was worried they got you. Did you kill him? Did you kill Drexelhand?
  • You: Yes. Jacoby Drexelhand is dead.
  • Sigmund Bauerson: And may he spend an eternity in Khyber's bowels.
  • Sigmund Bauerson: This is wonderful news, my friend. We have reached the tipping point. At least, we can take the fight to the Sahuagin.
  • Sigmund Bauerson: Thank you.

After you get your reward, if you talk to him again, he will say:

  • Sigmund Bauerson: Your next step is to push on into the wilderness of Korthos Island. I will have my son Askel let you past the barricade and out the main village gate.
  • Sigmund Bauerson: But before you go, certain issues have come to my attention which you ought to know about.
  • You: Issues? What kind of issues?
  • Sigmund Bauerson: Firstly, there's the kidnapping of the Mayor's daughter. I don't think the Sahuagin have taken her to the Misery's Peak yet, which means there is still a chance to save her. Doing so would be a great boost for the morale of the people here.
  • Sigmund Bauerson: Mayor Viggie Storr is in the village square, wailing and lamenting. See what you can do for him.
  • You: Any other issues?
  • Sigmund Bauerson: There are.
  • Sigmund Bauerson: Someone named Wilm down at the docks reported another kidnapping.
  • Sigmund Bauerson: Also, it turns out my daughter isn't the only one who thinks Lars Heyton is alive - Ursa at the barricade actually thinks she saw him.
  • You: Got it. Be well, Sigmund.