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Pirates of the Thunder Sea

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Pirates of the Thunder Sea (Heroic precursor quest)[edit]

Bestower: Black-Nose Quint in the Marketplace

Commodore Bloodeye needs someone to help with odd jobs around Three-Barrel Cove.
1) ... travel through the South Gate to the Harbor. Once in the Harbor, find Port Agent Nadine Shipton, who is on a boat on one of the central docks. Ask her to take you to Three-Barrel Cove.
2) ... use the Stormreach Teleporter to House Deneith. Take the first left, down the hill to the docks in the far northeast corner of that Enclave. Talk to Port Agent Evi Joss, and ask her to take you to Three-Barrel Cove.
  • (It's also possible (but far less convenient) to get to Three-Barrel Cove via House Kundarak, by speaking to Port Agent Mevrin Undertow near the docks in the eastern area of that enclave.)
  • Bloodeye <Commodore> can be found standing on some crates by the waterside near the docks in Barrel's Bottom, the town area that leads to the Three-Barrel Cove wilderness and quests.
  • This "quest" gives no experience and no favor, but does appear in your Quest Journal (default L).

Pirates of the Thunder Sea (Epic story arc)[edit]

Bestower: Cydonie in Barrel's Bottom

Cydonie will help you reach the fabled treasure of Ahraatz-Ri in exhange for a single item - a piece of Draconic Prophecy. Speak with Fearless Frida, Tarfoot Bynne, Dirty Vingus and Marteen Worly to find pieces of Ahraatz-Ri's treasure map.

Complete Prove Your Worth (Epic), A Legend Revisited, Ghost of a Chance (Epic), and Old Tomb, New Tenants, collect rewards (minor bug: Some NPC's above-the-head checkmark are missing/bugged, you may still collect rewards from them.) then come back to Cydonie. She advances you to the final quest Precious Cargo‎‎.

The end reward list of this quest arc itself consists of

  • Random loot
  • Named items within the area

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