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Violent Delights

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Keep on the Borderlands adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure packIcon tooltip.png: Keep on the Borderlands
Violent Delights
Heroic level: 1
Epic level: 21
Duration: short
Heroic XP:  ♣228Icon tooltip.pngSolo/Casual ♦380Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥408Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠436Icon tooltip.pngElite
Epic XP:  ♣4,138Icon tooltip.pngSolo/Casual ♦7,125Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥7,352Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠7,580Icon tooltip.pngElite
Takes place in: Gnoll Caves
Bestowed by: Dolnour the Devout
NPC contact: Dolnour the Devout
Quest acquired in: Keep on the Borderlands
Patron: The Gatekeepers
Base favor: 2
Free to Play: No
Extreme Challenge: No
M Violent Delights.png
Loading screen


Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!


  • Find a way into the Gnoll camp
  • Convince the Outlanders to turn against the Cultists
  • Ask about Boomfoot about Zark Sootclub
  • Find Kolva's lucky rat bone
  • Join the Outlander uprising
  • Defeat Chief Bloodgleam and her cronies
  • Talk to Yula
  • Gather evidence against Chief Bloodgleam
  • (Optional) Clear out the Fire Beetles — Bonus (20%): Heroic( ♣46 ♦76 ♥82 ♠87 ) Epic( ♣828 ♦1,425 ♥1,470 ♠1,516 )
  • (Optional) Find all the Gnollish tablets (3 total) — Bonus (10%): Heroic( ♣23 ♦38 ♥41 ♠44 ) Epic( ♣414 ♦713 ♥735 ♠758 )
  • (Optional) Get access to the Gnolls' treasure stash — Bonus (20%): Heroic( ♣46 ♦76 ♥82 ♠87 ) Epic( ♣828 ♦1,425 ♥1,470 ♠1,516 )

Known Traps

(Epic) Trap DCs

Tips and Misc

There is only optional, minor combat in this quest until the end fight with Chief Bloodgleam (which consists of several waves), so don't bother buffing until you speak with the 3rd outlander, Kolva Pebbleskin. The pre-fight quest consists of a lot of initial talking, clue-finding and back-tracking to set the final showdown.

  • There will be a brief cut-scene before the endfight, so you'll know when combat is coming, and there will be ample time to buff while the chief is talking.
  • The only optional combat is with some firebeetles behind a gate, which guard only some breakables.


  • Talk to Yula Bloodgleam. She will unlock the gate and give you a Gnoll Charm of Evil Chaos, which will appear on the ground. Pick it up.
  • Note: If a character already has the charm in inventory, it will not appear for them again.
  • Open the gate and talk to the first guard inside the gate. Use the dialogue to "show" him the charm to gain access to the camp.
  • Read the Diary of Ria Brasstusk, it is in the first tent on the right after you talk to the guard.
  • Head down the corridor (ignore the guards) and turn right at the junction. Head east and look for a gate on the left with a lava pool behind it.
  • Talk to Oro Sandcloak (standing outside the lava cave). (He will let you in on a secret, that there is evidence nearby that Cultists have been sacrificing Outlanders.)
  • Read the Diary of Boomfoot; it is located in a tent in a nook across the corridor from the lava cave, next to a collectable mushroom.
  • Optional (combat): Clear out the fire beetles behind the gate and smash the two breakables in the cave. This is only for breakables/kills bonus XP.
  • Continue east down the corridor, until you come to the room with the three <Important Outlander> gnolls.
  • Talk with Ria Brasstusk and convince her to turn against the Cultists.
  • Read the Diary of Kolva Pebbleskin, it is located in the room with the three Outlander gnolls. This will trigger the "Find Kolva's lucky rat bone" objective.
  • Optional: Head north and loot the treasure from the treasure room located behind any secret door. There are two "treasure piles" and a collectable, but the chest will require a successful skill check (Spellcraft, Disable Device, or Repair).
  • Head back west, turn left at the junction, heading south until you find Boomfoot, and talk to him. (He will tell you a secret about Zark Sootclub.)
  • Head north, past the junction, until you find Chief Bloodgleam. Talk to him, and use the dialogue to convince him that you are performing a surprise inspection for the Cultists.
  • (Note: If the guard does not let you speak to the chief, you failed to speak to Oro Sandcloak, in the room with the lava cave.)
  • Search the Shrine of Evil Chaos, after the chief steps aside for you to inspect it. (This yields the personal ring of a sacrificed Outlander, which is the evidence you'll need to convince them.)
  • Open the gate west of Chief Bloodgleam to the shrine (which may be useful later), and get the lucky rat bone, located in a tent there.
  • Optional: Locked chest next to shrine
  • Head back south, turn left (east) at the junction and return to the room with the three <Important Outlander> gnolls.
  • Talk to Zark Sootclub, and convince him to turn against the Cultists.
  • Talk to Kolva Pebbleskin, and convince her to turn against the Cultists.
  • After you convince the last Outlander, there will about a 10 second pause, then a brief cutscene, and Chief Bloodgleam will appear and start a dialogue with the Outlanders. There is enough time to buff here before the end fight, where you need to defeat three waves of Cultist gnolls.
  • After the fight, head a short distance north and talk to Yula Bloodgleam to complete the quest and loot the chest.
  • Optional: keep the Gnoll Charm of Evil Chaos, which is one of three charms used in the final quest Total Chaos to unlock a +25% XP optional and chest.
  • The phrase "Violent Delights" is from to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, appropriate both for the hidden plotline revealed at the end, and for the end-fight itself: "These violent delights have violent ends..."
  • The last dialogue that "you" say, "All's well that ends well...", is another play by Shakespeare.
  • Yula is a variant spelling of Julia, or Juliette.

Bonus XP

  • Discreet bonus: >=14 or fewer monsters killed +5% Bonus.( ♣11 ♦19 ♥20 ♠22 )
  • Observance bonus: >1 or more secret doors discovered +8% Bonus.( ♣18 ♦30 ♥33 ♠35 )
  • Mischief bonus: 8 or more breakables smashed +8% Bonus.( ♣18 ♦30 ♥33 ♠35 )
  • Vandal bonus: 11 or more breakables smashed +10% Bonus.( ♣23 ♦38 ♥41 ♠44 )
  • Ransack bonus: 13 or more breakables smashed +15% Bonus.( ♣34 ♦57 ♥61 ♠65 )


  • Chests:
  • Collectables: 5
    • 1 Fungus by Diary of Boomfoot (not always there)
    • 1 Fungus in the corridor north of Ria, Zark, and Kolva
    • 1 Adventurer's Pack in the secret treasure room
    • 1 Rubble in the room with the four cultist gnolls, just outside of Chief Bloodgleam's lair (not always there)
    • 1 Crude altar in the tent by the shrine west of Chief Bloodgleam (not always there)
  • NPC rewards:

Named Chest Drop

Violent Delights loot


Name(picture) CR Type Race
Chief Bloodgleam(view)
Chief Bloodgleam.png
 ♦3Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥28Icon tooltip.pngEpic Hard ♠43Icon tooltip.pngEpic Elite Gnoll Gnoll
Borderlands Fire Beetle(view)
Borderlands Fire Beetle.jpg
 ♦1.00Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♦21Icon tooltip.pngEpic Normal Vermin Insect
Cultist Roughhand(view)
Cultist Roughhand.png
 ♦1.00Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♣21Icon tooltip.pngEpic Casual ♥25Icon tooltip.pngEpic Hard ♠37Icon tooltip.pngEpic Elite Gnoll Gnoll
Cultist Shaman(view)
Cultist Shaman.png
 ♦1Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥25Icon tooltip.pngEpic Hard ♠37Icon tooltip.pngEpic Elite Gnoll Gnoll

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