Year of the Dragon: Through 31st July, claim free Red Dragon Wyrmling Creature companion! Speak to Xatheral in the Hall of Heroes.

If you are currently a VIP, you also have until the 31st of July to claim a free 1000 Sentient XP Gem from Reitz in the Hall of Heroes. edit

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Special event history

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From time to time through each year Turbine presents us with special events on the servers within the game. This page lists the details of each event, whether they are major or minor events, here they all are:

Seasonal events[edit]


The DDO "anniversary" can be interpreted in several different ways, depending what exactly is meant. "Officially" (if not technically), the DDO Anniversary is considered to fall on February 28. The annual Anniversary Event appears somewhere loosely around that time (see quote, below), and the Anniversary Party is currently a regular yearly event.

DDO's initial launch was February 23, 2006, though it was the pre-purchase headstarter.

Originally Posted by Cordovan (Contribs • Message• Cordovan) Source

"The formal date of the anniversary was determined to be February 28th, in that that was the day people could buy the boxes on store shelves. Technically, the game had a bit of a rolling start for several days leading up to it, with the head start on February 26th. (The DDO staff) generally consider the anniversary patch to be relatively on time if it's released sometime between late February and early March."

1st Anniversary (February 28th, 2007)[edit]

  • February 28th - March 4, 2007
  • +1 Level on all Loot (Chests)
  • March 5th - March 8th, 2007
  • +50% Experience Point Bonus in all quests

2nd Anniversary (February 28th, 2008)[edit]

  • Module 6 Patch 2: Second Anniversary: To celebrate the second anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach, all existing characters created before February 28, 2008 have received an anniversary gift in their inventory. Note: The Djinni of the birthday cake is very mischievous. We advise all players to pay close attention to the choices he offers, as he may try to trick you. Enjoy!

Free giveaway per Character[edit]

Marketplace event drop (March 3rd, 2008)[edit]

See The Marketplace Bazaar History for event details


3rd Anniversary (February 28th, 2009)[edit]

  • Unknown

4th Anniversary (February 18, 2010 - March 7, 2010)[edit]

Free giveaway per character[edit]

  • All characters created prior to February 18, 2010 will receive Tokens of the Traveler that can be used to participate in the Traveler's Scavenger Hunt.
    • Free player characters will receive 5 tokens
    • Premium player characters will receive 10 tokens
    • VIP characters will receive 15 tokens
  • All characters created prior to February 18, 2010 - regardless of account type - will receive a Blessing of the Traveler. This special item can be redeemed after a successful run of the scavenger hunt for rare prizes! Speak with the NPC Taj in the Marketplace after completing your egg hunt to redeem your Blessing. If you miss the event or do not wish to play the scavenger hunt, Taj will also offer you a somewhat less exciting prize in exchange for your Blessing at any time.

5th Anniversary (2011)[edit]

See Treasure of Crystal Cove.

6th Anniversary (2012)[edit]

7th Anniversary (2013)[edit]

8th Anniversary (2014)[edit]

9th Anniversary (2015)[edit]

10th Anniversary (2016)[edit]

11th Anniversary (2017)[edit]

12th Anniversary (2018)[edit]

13th Anniversary (26 Feb 2019 - 13 Mar 2019)[edit]

Ten years of free to play! (12 Sep 2019)[edit]

  • Veteran Status III Week: 20 September - 25 September
  • Free adventure pack: on September 26th, we'll release a code for a free adventure pack: The Path of Inspiration. This was the adventure pack released in our first update following the launch of Free to Play!

14th Anniversary (12 Feb 2020 - 08 Mar 2020)[edit]

15th Anniversary (24 Feb 2021 - 23 Mar 2021)[edit]

  • Anniversary Party (15th)
  • Giveway :
    • 15th Anniversary Commemorative Cloak (BtA): for all current and future characters
    • Dungeons & Dragons Online 15th Anniversary Token (BtA) : 1 per account, via DDO Store code HAPPY15DDO

16th Anniversary (24 Feb 2022 - 20 Mar 2022)[edit]

  • New rewards:
    • Masks and capelets that match the free coats
  • Anniversary gifts from previous years also available at the vendor:

  • More Free Stuff

The following races and classes from the core D&D Player’s Handbook are permanently free for everyone in DDO:

    • Races: Dragonborn, Drow, Gnome, Half-elf, Half-orc, Tiefling, Wood-elf
    • Classes: Druid, Monk, Warlock
  • If you have already purchased these races and classes, you receive a Greater Elixir of Discovery for each of the races or classes you own
  • VIPs receive a free Gold Roll on Daily Dice once per day through the end of the year!

17th Anniversary (22 Feb 2023 - 19 Mar 2023)[edit]

  • Giveaway:
    • Cosmetic Armor
  • Anniversary gifts from previous years also available at the vendor:

18th Anniversary (29 Feb 2024 - 19 Mar 2024)[edit]

Miscellaneous Events[edit]

Emerald Claw Conspiracy (September 14, 2007 - December 7, 2007 )[edit]

Festival of Olladra, The (July 4, 2007)[edit]

Olladra, the goddess of Feast and Fortune, can be both playful and fickle. As tribute to this mercurial goddess, the Coin Lords will be celebrating the Festival of Olladra on 4 Lharvion* by giving away several Intimidating Daggers of Paralyzing Acid! This exclusive event item also has a lower tiered version called the Intimidating Dagger of Acid. The Coin Lords have a limited number of both daggers and will be giving them to a lucky few. (DDO Forums)

Hide and Seek (April 27, 2007 - May 13, 2007)[edit]

New Theater Event (September 2007)[edit]

Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 1, 2007)[edit]

Trade or No Trade (March 30, 2007 - April 8, 2007)[edit]

Trivia Contest[edit]

8th anniversary rewards (2014):

Unknown year rewards:

Other Special Event Items[edit]

Special Purchase Bonus Items[edit]