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Item:Sentient Jewel of the Dragon

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DDO Examination Panel
  • On first slotting
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Most pleasing."

  • On first equip
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "At last. A chance to spread my wings and fly."

  • Random in combat
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Feel the force of my claws!" (Say): <<weapon>>: "Feel the bite of my teeth!" (Say): <<weapon>>: "Now they know what it means to face a Dragon!" (Say): <<weapon>>: "You've done well, small one."

  • On unequiping
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Now I count the hours until I am allowed to hunt again."

  • On feeding
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Now the hunter dines on her prey."

  • On slotting a filigree
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "I almost feel like taking wing!"

  • On re-equipping
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Let us hunt. It is the only pleasure I have left." (Say): <<weapon>>: "At last. A chance to spread my wings and fly." (Say): <<weapon>>: "Good! Now prove yourself worthy of having a Dragon by your side."

  • On disabling a trap
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: ?

  • On looting a chest
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Ahh! What kind of hoard hides within this little chest?" (Say): <<weapon>>: "A chest! Now we may see the glint of gold." (Say): <<weapon>>: "Yes." (Say): <<weapon>>: "I almost feel like taking wing!" (Say): <<weapon>>: "Suprising."

  • On weapon durability loss:
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Ahhhh!" (Say): <<weapon>>: "Has it truly come to this?" (Say): <<weapon>>: "So small, so feeble." (Say): <<weapon>>: "What clod did that to me?" (Say): <<weapon>>: "I will pay back this injury in blood!"

  • On accepting a quest:
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "The hunt begins anew."

  • On completing a quest:
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "So ends our hunt."

  • On player losing health (below 1/2?)
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Seek healing. Your tiny form cannot take much more." (Say): <<weapon>>: "Discouraging."

  • On player death
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "What clod did that to me?" (Say): <<weapon>>: "This is almost as embarrassing as the time that Wizard trapped me in this jewel."

  • On being hit by a trap
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Another of those troublesome little devices!"

  • On taking collectible
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "This trifle may be useful." (Say): <<weapon>>: "Yes." (Say): <<weapon>>: "Most pleasing."

  • On resting
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Sleep now. Sleep and dream. The hunt will wait for now." (Say): <<weapon>>: "Recover your strength, small one." (Say): <<weapon>>: "If only I could still dream … to feel my wings again, beating like thunder through the summer sky …"

  • On resurrect
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Ah. The mighty hunter returns." (Say): <<weapon>>: "Back? Then let's find some new prey."